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Carole’s Vision:
Haute Couture Jewelry/Styling Career

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I’ve had a magnificent, colorful career that’s taken me around the world and back. I’m a Wife and a Mother first and always. I’ve also had many opportunities to study and work alongside many great artists, designers and thinkers, which has shaped my path leading me to where I am today.

As many of you know, I style and will continue to style Julie Chen and other A-list celebrities. You can see my work every day across social media. But over the next few months, I’ll be making changes to my website to showcase my jewelry. Here’s why: To me, a luxury lifestyle doesn’t just mean you’re savvy in your outward, personal style. It means you’re sophisticated and thoughtful about where and how you spend your resources, which includes everything from your time to your money. I’ll share from my own experience, I changed a lot when my Interior Design career took off, and I started to move in different social circles. As I embraced this new, exciting chapter, I learned how to invest differently in my wardrobe and create eye-catching signature looks. I learned to choose that one stand-out piece to walk confidently into any room.

Most stylists focus on designer clothes and bags and call jewelry an “accessory.” I don’t see jewelry as an accessory. I see it as the foundation of your wardrobe. When I plan outfits for myself or clients, Jewelry is where my head goes first. In this world of trendy, disposable everything, Jewelry’s resilient, and gives voice to every woman.

Most people have the same clothes, but very few have the same jewels. That’s one reason I began designing these collections. But the other reason … Jewelry has a long rich history of protecting, guiding, serving and adorning the wearer. I honor that tradition. And my pieces, clients say, empower them to shake up the world.




“Sold out! Her one hour shows are inspirational with spirit and style.” QVC

“Thanks Carole for sharing your knowledge for Color, Style and Placement. The designers and architects have been raving about you.” Donghia Showroom New York City

“Wow! Did we talk! Didn’t know until Carole was on my show what fashion and color tells us about celebrities.” Joan Rivers

“Loved Carole’s Jewelry, the colors are magical.” Leon Hall

“I really believe Ken’s success began with your visits to his studio.” – Page Rense, Architectural Digest

“Carole’s knowledge and insight helped us for color and placement, Thank You”. Radiology – Lenox Hill Hospital, New York

“Be ready to pitch long – held principles, changing your luck could be as easy as changing your clothes!” USA Weekend

“Praise for Carole S. Meltzer and her book FENG SHUI CHIC: How to Change Your Life with Spirit and Style.” New York Styles

“More fun to read than Dr. Phil.” – New York Times

“Feng Shui Chic doesn’t require a huge leap of new faith.” - AP

“Feng Shui Chic, the hippest and most ancient craze around, is no longer just for your bedroom – it’s for your closet too!” Seventeen Magazine

“Color U Energy offers suggestions on everything from how the right color nail polish to Prada dresses can create positive energy.” – Avenue Magazine

“Your energy and enthusiasm is quite contagious, thanks for a terrific lecture.” Casey Cook – Pacific Design Center

“….I enjoy wearing Carole’s Chi OM’s…they bring into focus a specific, positive, higher intention, especially in these hectic an uneasy times” – Susan Sarandon, Actress

“Carole Shashona Meltzer’s approach to Color U Energy to my wardrobe has helped me in ways I never imagined….I trust Carole completely” – Julie Chen CBS News Anchor and host of Big Brother

“A Fun, Hip Bracelet” – In Touch Magazine

“Carole’s jewelry brings color for glamour and energy to Hollywood, I wear her bracelets everywhere”. Illeana Douglas, Actress

“I have no doubt that Carole’s expertise, as well as her connection to the forces of nature, have enhanced my life.” Richard Steinburg, New York, N.Y. Warburg Reality

Thanks Carole. You work magic with colors and scent.” Shiseido Zen Perfume press launch

“Schick Razors are so chic,” says Carole for the Schick Razor press launch.