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Empowering and Sharing

Joyful tidbits

cs blog june 3This Summer season energies are both festive and alive! Look cool under the first blush of summer sun, wearing the many colors and scents of Mother Nature's bounty of fruits. Get ready to dazzle, wearing strawberry, lemon, lime, cherries and even peach. Think island green, petal pink and ocean blue, all infused with a healthy dose of shine, and the sunshine, of course!

The long days of summer are your perfect jumpstart to blaze ahead and achieve all. It's the perfect time to be outdoors, and enjoy all that Mother Nature offers. Bask in mid-day naps providing long forgotten moments to enjoy dreams and dreaming.

You are What You Wear

cs blog june 4Get to know who you are. Nurture yourself in a bath of sweet roses, shower in the earthy scent of lemons or grass, or bathe with the heavenly scent of the Forbidden Fruit. Go solo, as you plunge into your bathtub to do aqua yoga. You will refresh your soul, as you breathe in these magnificent scents, re-capturing your spirit and joy of life. These exercises will boost you to new heights!

Pampering yourself is your springboard to self-love. Live your life with pleasure, and enjoy the scents and colors around you, reflecting pleasure with sensory elements. From berry facial scrubs to fruity bath gels both guys and gals can indulge in this summer! After all, this is the season to take a bite out of life's "forbidden fruit."