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Metastylist and Carole’s Summer Meditation

Carole Shashona Blog
Metastylist and Carole’s Summer Meditation

Metastylist Tip

Some like it Hot, Some Play it Cool

cs blog june 5Make your own heat waves at the pool! Wear a yellow bikini, and lay back on a blue towel. When leaving the pool, don your white tank top with a sheer golden sarong. Don’t forgot matching sandals.

Add a splash of citrus wearing the vibrant CS Spectrum Grande Ring

Carole’s Summer Meditation

cs blog june 6Your greatest reservoir of energy is your naval area. This is the power center in your body. Learn to do the following exercise (see page 82 of my book Feng Shui Chic) every day, to assist and receive the joyful benefits this Summer season.

  • Lie flat on your back with your legs flat on the floor. Or you can put your feet on the floor and raise your knees to allow your lower back to flatten on the floor. Feel the floor beneath you.
  • Inhale deeply, allowing your belly to balloon out; notice that this action will raise the hand you have resting on your belly.
  • Do this to the count of nine.
  • Place your hands at your sides and exhale.
  • Breathe in nine more times the abdomen and without the use of your hands.