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The Power of Wellness + Recipe

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Metastylist and Carole’s Summer Meditation

The Power of Wellness

cs blog june 7This time of the year graces us with extra hours of daylight, so we can spend more time outdoors jogging, walking, golfing or boating. Energize yourself physically with a stroll to summer fairs, or take a walk around your community where you might discover some local hot spots. You may want to volunteer a few hours in your neighborhood for community service.

Carole’s- Tzatziki Recipe

cs blog june 8Recipe:
Lunch with Pita Bread or Crackers

Greek Yogurt (1 small container)
Clean and grate 1 small cucumber
Pound 3 garlic cloves
Chopped dill
1/3 cup olive oil

Fire Rooster Home Tip

cs blog june 9The rooster's personality is comfortable with the elements of bamboo, wicker and terra cotta tile. You too can enjoy a tad of the rooster's personality by bringing the outdoors in and painting the walls with hues of blue and white. Cover the lounge chairs in prints of red or solid and paint the ceilings a pale blue tone. Sisal flooring with patterns of green and blue add to the drama as the rooster like to strut his/her stuff.

Carole Shashona tip: Romance- Empower candle, Dragon Door Guardian: Northeast direction