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Face Change & Build from your Comfort Zone

blog 07072017This time of year can be very challenging for moms. For some, their new college graduate returns home, while moms of younger children are gearing up to send their kids to sleepaway camp for the first time. Still, others may be boarding their pets while on vacation. Even if our stories or backgrounds are different, what all moms have in common is, we're always in transition. But the funny thing is, people typically resist change. Transition is hard and difficult to embrace.

I remember many, many summers ago when my youngest daughter went away to sleep-away camp for the first time. All three daughters were out of the house, and I quickly learned the meaning of empty nest syndrome.

While it was tempting to curl up and cry, which I admit I did on more than one occasion, I spent more time thinking how I could move forward. That meant I had to be creative and look at all the things I never had the time to do when the girls were home.

The very first thing I did was create space within myself for myself. From there, I did things differently and more efficiently. I built myself up from my comfort zone, which was painting or drawing. So, I spent the summer hand painting my daughter's bedroom floor as a garden. I felt that time was a way of connecting to her while giving her the space to become independent away from home for the first time.

I know this sounds like a tall order: Hand painting a floor. The good news is, you don't have to. I only mention it to help you find your comfort zone. That's the first step. You don't need to be an artist. You don't even need money to do this; you just have to start looking creatively at solutions to help you through the first of many transitions as a wife, mother, daughter, etc. Life has many transitions in store for you. So, embrace transition and master change.