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Metastylist Tip: You Are What You Wear

  • blog 07212017.jpgFrom poolside soiree to fashion runway; discover a color to meet your every need this season.
  • Channel clear skies with the color blue. Utilize blue to communicate and inspire others.
  • Sparkle in silver, glow in bronze and glitter in gold. Accessorize your wardrobe with metallic this season.
  • Combine pale ice-blue with orange. This combination will have you exuding heat in line with the season while simultaneously emitting empowered fashion.
  • Think Tall. Accessorize your stylish platform shoes and silk fabrics. Ready to wear, from the dance floor to cruising.
  • Reach for the classic blue and white color combination. For a daytime look, try wearing a white crop top that bares you midriff with snug hip hugging jeans. Add blue hue hot mauve lipstick to enhance your sun-kissed face. At night, mix smooth, silky suede with a shiny satin number for a dazzling reflective effect beneath the moonlight.
  • The only thing better than a string of pearls on bare skin is a string of pearls on bronzed skin. Embrace summer romance by pairing it with a blue bikini when vacationing.