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 blog 08042017WHY JEWELRY?

I’m so grateful you’ve followed me and my career. I’ve studied alongside many great artists, designers and thinkers, which has shaped my path leading me to where I am today.

I’m incredibly proud of all my haute-couture jewelry collections; and even more proud to have them sold exclusively at Barney’s.

A luxury lifestyle doesn’t just mean you’re savvy in your outward, personal style. It means you’re sophisticated and thoughtful about where and how you spend your resources, which is everything from your time to your money.

I’ll share from my own experience, I changed a lot as my career took off, and I started to move in different social circles. As these opportunities unfolded, I learned how to invest differently in my wardrobe and create eye-catching signature looks.

I learned to choose that one stand-out piece and walk confidently into any room.

Most stylists focus on designer clothes and bags and call jewelry an “accessory.” I don’t see jewelry as an accessory. I see it as the foundation of your wardrobe.

When I plan outfits for myself or clients, Jewelry is where my head goes first. In this world of trendy, disposable everything, Jewelry’s resilient, and gives voice to every woman. I share my style tips with my blog posts, YouTube videos and Instagram!

Most people have the same clothes, but very few have the same jewels. That’s one reason I began designing these collections. But the other reason … Jewelry has a long rich history of protecting, guiding, serving and adorning the wearer. I honor that tradition. My pieces, clients say, empower them to shakeup the world.


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Jewels for a Bon Vivant Life