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Carole’s On-The-Go Style Tips

Each month, I’ll be sharing with you a selection of style tips! I create and design in “The Bungalow” from here comes all the jewelry designs, my sketches and it’s where I create the amazing outfits for my celebrity clients! If you are looking for more tips? Let’s connect on Instagram or Twitter

  • Sleeping under white bedding creates insomnia and restlessness. Travel with a brightly colored scarf and place it between the box spring and mattress if the hotel cannot provide any other color bedding.
  • Clutter creates a barrier for energy. Keep your environments very neat allowing for the energy pathways.
  • When travelling, rent a green, blue, white or yellow car. Avoid red as it is too stimulating.
  • Travel with your own music and favorite scents. Sounds and smells are important triggers.
  • If you are enjoying a romantic holiday or evening, place a bouquet of red roses next to your bed. Avoid family or pet photos.
  • If you are hoping to meet that special someone while vacationing, take along a small pillow covered in pink or blue, depending on which sex you wish to attract. Tuck it in bed with you, dream.
  • Wear your classic bracelet while on the go; remember to meditate.


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