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Nature Is Your Therapist

blog 08182017 4 1Anywhere you are surrounded by natural elements – a garden, a backyard, or a park near your office – the power of nature will serve to recharge your batteries, boost your mood, and cleanse your mind of any energy-zapping negative thoughts or behavior. I do this meditation whenever I feel tired or drained as I love the clarity and energy it gives after a few moments of nurturing myself…pure bliss! My jewelry is all about your inner potential and the power within. Hold my classic bracelet coin, let’s begin.

  1. Sit on the floor in a relaxed position.
  2. Link your thumb and index finger in a love knot position at your navel area.
  3. Repeat “Har Har Hari Way Hey Guru” eleven times.
  4. Take a breath and inhale, exhale

Do this inhale/exhale pattern eleven times. Afterward, take a moment to enjoy the environment and relax. At the close of the meditation, spritz the Purify Mist and receive its positive, lasting blessing.


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