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September Surprise

09032017aI hope you got away this summer, rested, ate well and spent time with your family.

I love September because of all the possibilities it brings, but I want to share a secret with you: I don't use this month to daydream. I use my time very judiciously; it’s a good quiet "in between" period as summer vacation has ended, but all the excitement of fall hasn't quite started.

For me, as a couture jewelry designer, fall doesn't really begin until Fashion Week kicks off, and all the new colors and clothes are unveiled on the runway. These shows also bring back so many special memories because I used to attend with friends, but also my Mother, who also worked in high fashion.

So, it's always the first few weeks of September I roll up my sleeves and take stock and look at my life personally and professionally. I reset my priorities for the rest of the year. I first got into this habit when my children were young and I was raising them in Manhattan. As a busy, working mother of three, I realized quickly these precious few weeks would be all I would have to myself because once the school year started, sports, ballet class, holidays, and school plays were just a hop skip and jump away.

Last September was a particularly creative time for me. I sketched a number of new, cutting edge pieces that I can't wait to share with you. I don't want to give away too many details just yet, but I'm sure some fans may be surprised to see where my ideas have taken me. And as you've probably noticed, across my social media platforms, I started allowing my private studio space, known as The Bungalow, to be filmed. My clients have been asking me for years to open and share it more with the public.

Stay tuned. Be on the lookout. I have some surprising jewels coming your way; and like me, they can shatter a glass ceiling or two.


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