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Think Outside the Gift Box: Donate Jewelry this Season

blog 11032017Holidays are a great time to practice the art of receiving, but I find the adage still holds true: It's better to give, especially to those in need.

It's been a turbulent year. The devastating hurricanes that ravaged parts of Mexico, the British Virgin Islands, and all of Puerto Rico, remind us of our vulnerability, the swiftness of life, and our actual place in the Universe. We must hear the call, and help each other.

I'm using my November blog to share these beautiful words from Anne Frank, "nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

It's intimidating and awfully confusing these days to figure out how to give, where to give, and even, how much to give.

Entrepreneurs like Betheny Frankel have done tremendous work bringing the reality of what's happening on the ground in Mexico to the top of our newsfeeds. It's impressive her energy and commitment, and I applaud all her efforts.

But, that's also where it gets intimidating. Most people don't have resources like Ms. Frankel, but desperately want to help, and have it mean something: have it make real difference. I'd make the case, in our world of pocket TVs and shows and celebrities, it's hard to see, let alone, feel our own impact.

But you can.

As with the start of every new endeavor, keep it simple, and don't over extend yourself. Giving is an act of kindness from your heart to the receiver.

With that in mind, as closets get turned over in the next couple of weeks, and the sweaters replace the fun summer dresses, please stop and consider donating not just much-needed clothes, but jewelry that's sitting in the drawer, knotted. Or, the silver rings you bought on the beach five years ago that you stopped wearing because they’re from a previous life. Please donate them. These are the pieces I mean, the ones you're no longer wearing but are ready to be cherished by someone else.

More so than clothing, jewelry has a way of uplifting to make each person feel beautiful. And what I love the most, jewelry always travels to find its next owner.

Kick off the holiday season by thinking outside the gift box. Start donating those hidden treasures you no longer wear, and spread your pixie dust around the world!


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