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Metastylist Tip – Rx Boots!

blog 11172017"I'm a petite woman dressing to look a little taller, what do you recommend aside from wearing high heels?"

"I'm a proud, curvy woman but still like to look sleek, what do you recommend?"

The only good thing about the cold is that everyone, and I mean everyone, can rock an awesome pair of tall boots!

And let me share this secret: A great pair of tall boots is the quickest way to look chic; say, after you promise your friends you’ll meet for brunch after a late-night out on the town -- My Rx: A great pair of jeans, some flat tall boots and you're ready! Step it up a notch and add a pair of dramatic black sunglasses and you're insta catwalk glam!

As a petite woman with long legs, I've found my best look is to stick with dark jeans and dark boots. This gives me the longest line possible because it accentuates the length of my legs, while also slimming them. Because of this, most people think I'm a good 3-4 inches taller than I am; even without my Louboutins!

For different reasons, the tall boot works just as well in slimming a more curvy body. What I recommend for this body type is to always tuck the jeans into the boots to create a uniform line. This will instantly give you a sexy look without going overboard.

My advice is, "Don't." If you don't know whether to mix and match dark jeans with light boots (on some body types that can be unflattering because it shortens the line), Don't-- Always stick with what you know works on You. That's the real secret behind looking great!

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