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Purify For The Holidays

Purify candle 2417 NEF 4x5Opening your home for the holidays is a beautiful thing, but before you prep the crudité, I recommend cleansing your space. This is an important first step because the energy in every room should be balanced and fresh. And with New Year's around the corner, it’s a perfect way to release the old and welcome the new.

The Carole Shashona Home Collection includes Purify, a line of sacred mists and candles made from certified organic herbs and high-vibrational flowers. It was developed years ago when I was living all over Asia with my husband.

Always independent, especially when traveling, I would venture off and study alongside teachers I felt connected to and trusted. From these one-on-one sessions, I created Purify. Every candle and mist spray is meticulously made in accordance with Feng Shui principles and blessed with a sacred mantra. Wild sage is also used to offer you protection.

My home beautifying products make wonderful holiday gifts.


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