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Provocative Pieces: How to Make Sure your Jewelry is Workplace Appropriate

blog 12012017The best professional advice I gave my daughters comes from the title of an important little-know book, called, "An Actor Prepares," by Constantin Stanislovski.

As most of us hope to wind down before celebrating the holidays, my message remains ever-strong: Stay active during the down time. Don't get too comfortable in your oversized "comfy" clothes. If you're hoping for a new start in 2018, today's the day to get prepped!

With many young women just entering the workforce, this month's blog answers the question on everyone's mind:

"How can I look feminine but not sexy at work, or more importantly, on my job interview?"

Another question being debated in some professional circles is:

"Can my jewelry be too alluring?"

On that point, it's important to consider what industry you work in (or plan to), and what's considered an appropriate dress code? Even if you work in more traditional fields, such as banking, finance or accounting, where the vibe is more conservative, it's still an ongoing challenge, striking that balance between looking feminine, but not provocative. "Be attractive, but not too attractive," is the message I was given from a very early age.

If you're unsure how to keep your appearance at work professional but warm, here are my road-tested rules for exuding absolute elegance while staying approachable:

  • Before I first meet a new potential client, I layout my jewelry the night before because I like my appearance to be as clean, fresh and polished as possible.
  • CS Rule #1 - Don't wear any dangle or drop earrings to any daytime professional meeting. In addition to being a tad flirtatious, the bigger problem is they're distracting. Ask yourself: Do you want colleagues hypnotized watching your earrings sway while you talk, or do you want them to actually focus and listen to what you're saying?
    Keep it simple and wear a pair of studs. If I'm ever debating in front of the mirror, I always err on the side of caution, put on my gorgeous all-diamond Lotus Stud Earrings, leave, and not give it a second thought. After all, there are more important things to worry about, right?
    I understand studs sound staid and boring. But in my experience, with the right pair, it's easy to transition your look from day to night. And remember, diamonds, soft or bright colored gem stones compliment light eyes, and of course, a small pearl is always a perfect feminine touch to any ensemble.
  • CS Rule #2: Boho-inspired layered necklaces can create a delicate look, unfortunately the look can turn gaudy, not chic. When you need to "dress to impress," keep your ensemble sharp and professional. Don’t layer your necklace. A single necklace with a motif sends a clear message.

Follow my blog next week when I reveal my December Metastylist Tip…(Hint, if you’re like me and talk with your hands, you won’t want to miss this.) I’ll also share what key pieces of jewelry you need to create the ultimate professional, fresh feminine look, day or evening.


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