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My 2018 "Pass-on-the Kindness" Challenge Part 1

blog 01052018Start the year differently than you expected.

Instead of challenging yourself to the usual diets and spiritual fads, take on something new. I challenge you to exercise kindness in different ways in your everyday life over the next four weeks.

Sound daunting?

Not necessarily. Here’s what helps me: When I think about a key piece of advice -- something all mothers have passed to their daughters and sons, the adage, "You can't love anyone until you love yourself" comes to mind. The same applies to kindness. The journey starts with you.

Genuine self-love is about being patient with yourself; not trying to be perfect; to let go. That's different than self-care, which typically involves relaxing by candlelight in a warm scented bath.

Over the next week, practice self-love by being kind and patient with yourself. If, for instance, you're forgetful, and frequently lose your keys, before you call yourself an “idiot,” mostly out of habit, stop yourself. Especially if you don't mean it, please stop saying it. Replace with an “oops” moment.

Acts of kindness to yourself aren't always big gestures. Keep it simple. When you successfully change how you talk about yourself especially in anger and frustration, you're ready to take on my next "Pass-on-the-Kindness" challenge.


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