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Glamour Down Don’t

glamourdownblog7Gentlemen you have fashion rules as well. Ladies if you are reading this pay attention because it is important to learn how to dress your man for success. Ties and socks are sources for energy. Sockless men in the office are a big fashion no-no. It may be fine for the beach and great for dining in the Hamptons, but we have all heard the expression hold onto your horses. Men hold onto your socks at work!

Ready for the weekend a little too soon. Don’t let your colleagues know by showing up in jeans and sneakers. Your fashion conveys you are at work but now present. You might as well leave early.

For cooperate meetings, communicate your flair and personality with fashion. A blue suit or jacket contrasted with a yellow tie, offers a bright future with successful negotiations!

Wear colors that encourage relaxation. Jeans and khaki’s worn with blues and greens remind us its playtime. Wearing red symbolizes action. It allows others to notice you, and stand out in a crowd.

Men’s Formal Attire:

Formal attire is a perfect time to blend colors and their energies. When choosing a tuxedo, opt for the classic black. The shade emphasizes relaxation, an emotion we should have at a special occasion. Add a red print or solid silk scarf in your pocket to fire up passion and keep sparks flying with your plus one! Too boost energy, wear green, either solid or in a print. Green tones will keep the creativity going and boost the energy wear colored boxer shorts.