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My 2018 "Pass-on-the Kindness" Challenge Part 4

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We know it as Tom Cruise's movie "Vanilla Sky," but the original film in Spanish is called "Open your Eyes."

In all my years travelling, I’ve been more surprised by people's kindness than their hate. Universally, people are good and want to see their goodness reflected back in the world.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I talk to so many people who are eager to contribute meaningfully, and empower others. But they get stuck figuring out “how.”

"Open your Eyes," and look around is an easy motto to remember. It best describes the last challenge in my "Pass-on-the-Kindness" call to action. All it involves is keeping one of your Five Senses open when you're out and about. Earphones, Sunglasses, iPhones are all awesome, but we’re so much more than our devices.

There's no doubt I LOVE walking around NYC on a gorgeous summer day listening to my music in my earphones. But as a Native New Yorker, I’ve learned to keep my eyes open because someone always needs a helping hand.

My challenge has nothing to do with charity or giving money to strangers. It's about being present. If, for example, you see someone having a hard time crossing the street because he/she is blind --- offer your shoulder for assistance. That's how easy it is to ease someone's burden with dignity.

Thank you for joining me on this month-long discovery. Congratulations on successfully completing my first annual “Pass-on-the-Kindness” Challenge!

May it jumpstart positivity in your 2018.


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