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MetaStylist Tip: Play with Color

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We’re in the heart of Winter, which is the perfect time to play with color.

If you jet between NYC and Los Angeles, chances are strong your closet is packed with every shade of black. While it’s chic and sophisticated, too much black in your wardrobe can depress your energy, especially when daylight is short.

Don’t be afraid to experiment adding a pop of red to your wardrobe.

Have you always admired the red dress in the store, but are too afraid to wear such a bold color? I recommend to begin by accessorizing with red. Try a red purse or scarf, or pick out some fun socks. Rubies always work—spoken as a jewelry maven! Now that you have added a little red to your closet and are comfortable with that red; it's time to move past accessories and buy a pair of red jeans or a red top. Now you are ready to find that dress and give it a try. Notice how color will lift your energy and your style!

Speaking of style-- your style expresses your identity. Let the inner you be seen on the outer you. Why follow other people’s rules? Don’t fear fashion; I always say have fun with it!

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