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Simplify Valentine’s Day

blog 2.9Love it or hate it, it’s February! A month usually met with melancholy, dread and ice cream. This seems to be the time we all take stock of our lives; and with Cupid in the air, it’s no doubt, the time we examine our intimate love lives.

I confess upfront: I’m a die-hard Romantic, and I’m proud of still being in my first, and only marriage. Over the years, people have had so many reactions to this part of my life. The one common thread, and this holds true among men and women, is the assumption it’s been easy for me. It may seem that way, but let me state the obvious: Relationships are work. Mine’s no exception. If you really, really, really want one, ask yourself now, are you ready to commit to doing the work with the person that sets your heart a flutter?

Here’s some examples of the work: On a basic level, sometimes it means doing without; which includes being OK without not getting in the last word. On a more fundamental level, it means offering support, it’s understanding the child within, and above all else, being consistent in expressing your love and affection.

Intimate relationships are complicated, especially when families are involved and all our Modern devices and gadgets distract us. As we prepare for this year’s Valentine’s, here’s some ways to embrace the Holiday:

  • Don’t compare your Real Life to what your friends post on Social Media.
  • Keep it simple: It’s a Day of Love. Take the time to share yours with your loved ones – Loves, Friends, and Family.


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