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This Time, It’s about You: Embracing Inner and Outer Beauty

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Love is a thing of great beauty and splendor. February is the month we celebrate love and friendship. Love isn’t just with someone else. It’s important that we see the inner beauty we possess and that matches our outer self. Style speaks about who you are and what you wear is a compliment to your personality! Create power and confidence with your accessories.

To feel powerful and exude confidence, use accessories to complement your outfit. Choose colors that complement each other, create the contrast with texture and patterns. Grab a purse that has a lot of different colors and layer rubies, emeralds or lapis on a signature statement ring. When you add your accessories to make a statement about you, you are showing the world your confidence and inner beauty.

As you choose your outfit and accessories, the inner you will reflect its presence in what you choose to wear. From your shoes to your hat, each piece should be intentional and a reflection of you! Try several long necklaces layered together. To create a whimsical look, add in some long Black Diamond earrings that sway and draw attention to your face. Don’t forget to smile when you receive a compliment!

Of course, you can keep everything simple and make a statement with your Black Diamond earrings, long earrings that gently sway or burst with sparkle, show your fun and creative personality. Wear gold accessories, it brings you power and enhancing your own natural energy.

It’s important that you stay true to you and wear not only what makes you comfortable, you must also let the inner you shine! Express yourself. Take the time to see the real you in the mirror! Stop, breathe and meditate for a moment. Your inner beauty will then reflect itself to you and to the world.


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