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Red Rooster: Making a Meditation Space

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Mediation is a way for you to create balance and clarity. While I feel you can take short breaks during the day for a meditation session, you can also, take a long period of time for a more in-depth meditation. Today, let's talk about creating a meditation space in your home.

This is a space for you to meditate, reflect and contemplation. Your space doesn't have to be large or intrusive. Select a space in your home that is quiet and provides for a retreat. Create a comfortable spot to sit or recline. Use a few of special pillows or a mat.

Defining and creating your physical space is done. Defining and creating a positive energy with scent is next. Our sense of smell is connected to our energy. Place a few candles, Purify, Empower or both, around your area and use a scented spray to cleanse and ready your space for you to mediate.

Add some blues and lavender to your space; these colors are calm and soothing. Even with your eyes closed the colors will still vibrate in your space and help you. Nature and plants are extremely meditative. Looking out the window or adding a few plants to your space will increase happiness.

You can place an altar in your space, to help you focus and bring serenity in your own personal space. Choose a featured focus meaningful to you. A Buddha, chiming bowl or bells. Perhaps even soft music to play while you meditate. Do not bring electronics into your space, they will not provide the calming, restorative place you need. Don’t forget to hang our door guardian which tells others not to enter.

Congratulations, now you have created the perfect space just for you. You can still your mind, balance and bring clarity with the healing powers of meditation. This is your space to help you to restore harmony and balance. I would love you to share pictures of your meditation space. Simply connect to my Facebook or Instagram!

There! You did it!

Feng Shui tip: Organize each room in your home so the first thing seen sets a pleasant tone.


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