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What Your Manicure Says about You

blog 03022019I talk with my hands —A Lot! Because of that, I keep my nails manicured. But as you know from following me on Instagram, my manicures are anything but boring. And now I’ll let you in on a little secret: There’s always a spiritual reason behind my color choice.

Below is an excerpt from my 2003 book, Feng Shui Chic: Change Your Life, Change Your Style (Simon & Schuster).

As you ready your Spring wardrobe, here are some of my Creative Tips for Nails.

Association Nail Shape Color Accessories Finish Patterns
 Creativity Oval, arc Blue, gray, lavender Pearlized, opalescent Moons, stripes
 Abundance  Short, square  Rose, mauve, golden beige  High luster, airbrushed  Checks, florals, leaves
 Love  Long, tapered  Bright red, orange, pink  Gems, rhinestone, glitter  Stars, Zigzag, French nail with color tip
 Nurture  Short, rounded  Sienna, yellow, browns, terra cotta  Matte  Natural, French
 Protection  Long, square  White, rustic  High luster, studs, arcs, curves  Metallics, copper, silver, gold



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