Inspiration Story

My Black Diamond Collection was inspired by my spiritual journey through the sacred images of nature depicted in the philosophy of Shan Shui art. Based on the teachings of the I Ching, Shan Shui captures the emotion and atmosphere of the mountains and waters, and I wanted to design a line of jewelry that also captured the beauty I found in my personal journeys in the far East. The Black Diamonds represent the reflecting stones I saw in the mountain streams as I walked with my Master and learned some of the most valuable lessons of my life.

As an art form, Shan Shui evokes a sanctuary of peace, patience, and harmony. My jewelry was inspired and designed to evoke and maintain those same meditative qualities in whomever wears it, to follow them throughout their day, and to remind them of their dreams and desires. Like all of my designs, every piece in my black diamond collection works like a life compass, keeping the wearer on course toward personal happiness.

The Story of Black Diamonds

The ‘Black by Carole’ Collections combine both beauty with purpose and capture the ‘Spirit’ of the mountains, shimmering lights of the waters and caves found in Africa and Asia.

My signature coin, is a quick reminder for empowering ‘The Power of Wellness’ a reminder to take a moment and be—Be still, be strong and be strong, offering a life compass, keeping one on course.

The coin is a visible and portable energizer to boost women ‘On the Go’ helping attain personal fulfillment.

The Carole Shashona Black Diamond Collections

The CS of Cosmic Fantasy

The cosmos adventure begins- encircling the sky in merriment and wonder. The playground for planetary enhancement, giving freedom for enlightenment to soar.

The moon casts illumination upon the fixed star. Unleashing the powers and restraints hidden within. Come with me- frolic and play amongst the milky Way with ribbons of light capturing the cosmic beauty.

Behold the magic for planetary transformation

The CS ‘Cosmic Fantasy’ Collection

Nurtures and protects- unfolds the beauty hidden within-illuminating your presence to the world.

The CS ‘Moonbeam’ Collection

Reach for the stars! The moon’s reflective light to earth, illuminates your inner passion and showers you with blessings.

The CS ‘Destiny’ Collection

Open your heart to be loved and love. Destiny and wishes will unleash the hidden passion within. To love the life you live.

The CS ‘Kismet’ Collection

Kismet a moment in time that comes when you meet the one you love. Is it accidentally or is it by chance? Smile, and know you are linked to the stars, Kismet and ‘Bashert’—It is meant to be.

The CS ‘Citi- Edge’ Collection

Escape from tradition with a modern edge for manifesting love, passion, and empowerment.

The CS ‘North Star’ Collection

The guiding North Star assists travelers to pinpoint their location on Earth and ensure their route home, providing nurturing protection.

The CS ‘Cosmic Fantasy’ Collection

Nurtures and protects- unfolds the beauty hidden within-illuminating your presence to the world.

The CS Story of Blue

The Blue Grotto is located in Capri, Italy and is the inspiration for my Carole Shashona “Blue” Collections. The stunning Blue Grotto cave is also known as the Blue Cathedral. The luminescent “Blue” casts a glow on the sides of the interior sea walls, inspiring awe, and reverence to all that enter. The Blue Grotto is a magnificent and magical dwelling where fairies, spirit and fantasy play and dwell.

“Wish Upon a Coin”

As with the ancient custom, I offer the coin of protection which provides blessings to the wearer.

To receive blessings, Place the red string on our right wrist and tie in a knot three times

The Metasylist Story


Carole Shashona is recognized as a celebrity stylist, an image consultant, a style architect, but will often refer to herself as a “Metastylist”. Metastyling involves a methodical formula for decisions, principles, and functions through fashion through abstract concepts, fashion, cause, identity, time and place.

Carole utilizes meditation, luxury, and wellness fused with fashion, to create stylish and spiritual moments. Carole’s designs are influenced with ancient Asian philosophies, blended with contemporary style, from a culmination of years immersed in Asian culture, and a highly reputable international career in interior design. Using some of the most sought after precious stones and her signature black diamonds, her collections awaken the spirit and give life to style

Carole Shashona formerly worked as an interior designer before launching her namesake jewelry label. Channeling her interior style into the designs, Carole’s jewelry incorporates the principles of Feng Shui and Metastyling to create a balance of energies. The approach described as “Metaphysical Design”, refers to the jewelry seeking a positive balance, enabling people to carry it with them. Since her line was launched, the designs have been worn by a number of A-list clients. Look to the collection for glamourous yet versatile, art deco inspired pieces that have been infused with a spiritual vibe.

Influence by a unique fusion of interior design, music, nature, the culinary and other creative arts, Carole has always set her imprint on the world as an iconoclast. The Carole Shashona brand is an assemblage of fashion, wellness, and luxury. With rich education spanning nearly two decades of living in Asia- trained American woman to be given the title Grand Master- the highest honor that can be granted in the centuries-old Chinese system.

Recognized as an authority on color and fashion, Carole is the author of Feng Shui Chic, published by Simon and Schuster. By bringing introducing “Metastyling” to a much wider audience, the book quickly became a fashion “must have.” Currently- from styling celebrities to jewelry design- Carole’s signature approach has made her an authority in the fashion world. Her designs has been featured in Bazaar, Glamour, Elle, W, and Vogue. Black by Carole is exclusive to Barneys New York. The Carole Shashona Collection is “luxury Jewelry with an Edge”.