Luxury Redefined is…POSH CULTURE with a Purpose

Just like Andy Warhol redefined the art world through Pop Art, Grandmaster Shashona offers a new perspective on what luxury means for modern wellbeing. Luxury is POSH CULTURE with a Purpose, indulging all our senses through her trademark SENSORIAL approach to jewelry, home and spa.

andy warhol

Little did I know that when Andy Warhol asked me to sit for my portrait, how much it would change my life. His openness, love, and encouragement helped me to pursue my dream to become the only female Grandmaster in the world.

When I was just starting out, Andy taught me about the importance of color and the power of symbolism in people’s lives. This became the very foundation of Pop Art—the most widely acclaimed art movement in our lifetimes.

Although he wasn’t a Feng Shui practitioner, his wise influence continuously inspired me to create Collections & products that Redefine Luxury as POSH CULTURE with a Purpose to inspire our everyday lives. Thank you, Andy!

welcome to grandmaster shashona's world!

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