The Glamour Retro Redux

I am excited to have made some changes and additions that have been on my mind for some time, Goddess Energy and Glamour.

I am a Grandmaster in the martial arts of Feng Shui. I believe the qualities associated with goddess energy is female, yin energy, often sensitive, nurturing, receptive, and filled with humanity.
The power to connect for the pleasures in life is what I call the “G “spot—the glamour spot. That power lies within our hearts.

In the 70’s and 80’s women were seeking liberation. Boundaries crossed. There is enormous suffering in the world—much is unnecessary—we live in harmony when we connect in a full circle of life, we find the power to create and to transform. A woman is a full circle—within lies her power to create, nurture and transform.
I have been actively involved in developing my feng shui skills. I have discovered to create mind-space is to meditate where I can listen to my inner voice, mind-space where often I can use creativity to solve problems, meditation has taught me to relax my body and listen to my inner voice. The ancient matriarch is often filled with the laws of nature and feelings, and our inner life is one of feelings and emotions. We need to be in touch with the feminine to balance, the male energy into express both energies in appropriate ways.
The ritual and cultural part of my life is with the study of mythology and in the arts, the creation of the goddess long ago noted the female as a reflection of themselves that projects the attributes of womanhood. The archetypes of goddess energy will nurture life and feelings, feelings with intuition. She is often the creator and nurturer, healer, protector, and defender of this foundational Goddess energy.

The Word Spiritual

Spiritual is often translated as the opposite of material, practical and even political, I believe spiritual is another dimension of self. You may call it gut or feeling, myths or visions, such as feelings. The outer you is doing , the inner you is stillness and being. Spirit is not a religion, but it is. A celebration of life and love, the creative goddess energy is so needed now. Our society is fast, in doing and going with thoughts and deeds. It often ignores the reality of this spiritual. Spiritual incorporates to the physical world with awareness, the creative expression.

The higher energy then expands our physical limitations,

This is Spiritual.

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