Carole Shashona’s Healthy Life & Style

7 Pillars
Stress Management for the Goddess Within


1. Relax

We are all stressed from responsibility and tasks, musts take 15 min a day for a pause moment just for you. From millionaires to everyday lifestyles we all require a moment to relax. This is the secret for success. The gift of wellness is taking 15 min for a pause moment to receive relaxation and calmness from meditation to mantras, listen to music, learn to uplift or relax with scent, color, (all the senses) to re-balance your life.


2. Activity

Physical exercise it only take 11 min to exercise your body and boost circulation and heart rate for health and fitness, stretch squat and exercise simply take a walk with a dog or a friend just 3 times a week this will set u up to feel fitter and better


3. Nutrition

good food Good Life. Eat more veggies and fruits and one or two meatless days a week, this will help regulate your body giving you clear thoughts and more energy


4. Aesthetics

create monthly massage, facials, pedicures, manicures this i'll help you boost confidence and give you energy, having you feel refreshed and balanced.


5. Play

do something that makes u laugh and enjoy, hobbies, museums, art anything that will enrich u mind to be happy


6. Tone–up

take care of your body and skin tone by combining regular facials and body wellness with body waxing or microdermabrasion


7. Medical

get reg checkups to keep health in check from dentist to family practitioner this is essential to retain body balance


Diet, exercise and stress management will have you looking good and feeling great!



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