Amulets for the Goddess



The Moon Goddess Amulet will fill your heart with curiosity, wonder and spontaneity, to guide you from your heart center to your future self

The High Priestess Collection

The Bracelet- My stepping stones I don for Imperial Power.

The Necklace- I wear my Amulet as a potent majesty to empower me.

The Coin- I wear my coin as a potent majesty to empower me. My life compass helps keep me on course.


I am five years old seated on the plush velvet chair, my feet not touching the ground, free to dangle in the open space. I feel so grown up to be here, happy as I bravely thrust my hand in mom’s. As I look around the room seeing so many people, I feel my body image is so small in this vast open space. You may be quietly asking, “Where are you?” Mom is taking me for a special treat to see the Easter show at Hayden Planetarium in New York City, I ask my Mother in a whisper, “when will the show begin?”

For you see, I am so young, excited with my heart thumping. I’m trying so hard not to shout my question.


Time is suspended and in this memorable moment I have connected to a special place. All of us seated in this glorious auditorium have become one. Suddenly, the theatre lights extinguish and darkness descends gradually to enfold me in its mysterious splendor. But wait, I am surrounded by an imaginary image of being inside an egg. I hear the crackle opening as I gaze up to see and stars emerge, casting a luminous glow to all of us seated below. Each star expands to mirror the skyline, filling my eyes with wonder. This moment has captured my heart and imagination “forever!” The glittering stars, A.K.A. primal forces at work in our world, offer each one of us many myths, legends and stories, often igniting my inspirations for many decades.


The Moon Goddess Amulet will fill your heart with curiosity, wonder and spontaneity, to guide you from your heart center to your future self. Don and wear your “Power” Zodiac Amulet, chant your following affirmation daily. Turbulence or exterior change is taking a toll on your mental and emotional being. Meditation with your Zodiac Amulet can reduce fear. It may help you to reflect on many past transformations in this life. Let go of fear. Know love is constant in the universe. This is the Goddess message. Chant this affirmation daily.


Goddess “Moon” Affirmation & Meditation

I have the courage to love my life. I am closely attuned to my inner Self and my true nature.


The Moon Goddess invites all to follow in her moonlight path. She illuminates a very special time to engage within ourselves to discover dreams and inspirations. It is your everyday antidote to help you disengage and relax with the rounded sensual moonlight image to restore and replenish your parched dreams with reservoirs of hope and love.


Although I could hardly capture the magic of the stars then, the celestial motifs have inspired me for many creative chapters in my life. The Stars, Moon, and Sun is the perfect way to describe the Art of Astrology. I must first clarify to you dear readers, that I am not a professional astrologer. I have been introduced to many philosophies, wisdoms and guidance for this magical craft in a very unique form. The planets and star formations have expressed a unique foundation to the art of Feng Shui which I often share with my clients.


My name is Carole Shashona. I am a Grand Master in the Ancient Asian Art for Feng Shui Compass School. Every planet is aligned with Astro personalities providing a guiding system to shape and create your personal life and destiny. I do believe we are born with our own unique Zodiac personas, an inner compass we just need to look up at the stars, shimmering and guiding us home. In my life’s work, the various planets have often displayed a dynamic interplay between our interior life and our exterior world.


What to Wear Where- The stars light your way as you journey forth with inner Goddess endowments and blessings. Your personal Zodiac symbol will signal the awakening to your inner Goddess powers, bringing you closer to your “heart's desires.”


The Carole Shashona Zodiac Amulet Collection

Each artful Zodiac charm represents the moon's fluctuating from new to full—waning to waxing. Nurturing you with inner calm and stability, motivating you to ride the wave to new endeavors. May your life on Earth be a marvelous journey to connect your past, as you journey forth, wearing your Zodiac Amulet, with Protection and Blessings.


Carole Shashona Designer High Jewelry, The Zodiac Collection


Capricorn Amulet Dec 21-Jan 20 Sleek and Charming

Carole Shashona’s handcrafted Capricorn Amulet represents the Zodiac of half goat, half fish. You are earthy, responsible, and keep control of one's domain.


Aquarius Amulet Jan 21-Feb 20 Eclectic and Unique

Carole Shashona’s handcrafted Aquarius Amulet represents the Zodiac of the Water Carrier.

The Aquarian is an intellectual and cool-headed, a humanitarian, and a faithful friend.


Pisces Amulet Feb 21-Mar 20 Serene and Comfy

Carole Shashona’s handcrafted Pisces Amulet represents the Zodiac of the Fish. Pisceans are passionate givers of unconditional love, representing good fortune and popularity


Aries Amulet Mar 21-April 20 Lovely and Bold

Carole Shashona’s handcrafted Aries Amulet represents the Zodiac of the Ram. Aries are very aggressive, playful, communicative—given to great ambitions, honors, and fortunes.


Taurus Amulet April 21-May 20 Calm and Pleasurable

Carole Shashona’s handcrafted Taurus Amulet represents the Zodiac of the Bull. Taurus is sensual, physical, and loves pleasurable moments.


Gemini Amulet May 21-June 20 Opulent and Engaging

Carole Shashona’s handcrafted Gemini necklace represents the Zodiac of the Twins. Geminis are creative, communicative, with good humor and funny.



Cancer Amulet June 21-July 20 Tasteful and Traditional

Carole Shashona’s handcrafted Cancer Amulet represents the Zodiac of the Crab. Cancers are watery, responsible, nurturing, and family-oriented.


Leo Amulet July 21- August 20 Vibrant and Magnetic

Carole Shashona’s handcrafted Leo Amulet represents the Zodiac of the Lion. Leos are courageous, confident, charismatic— given to enterprise, glory and celebrity status.


Virgo Amulet August 21- Sept 20 Kind and Gentle

Carole Shashona’s handcrafted Virgo Amulet represents the Zodiac of the Virgin. Virgo is devoted, focused, and discriminative to detail, becoming wise and learned.


Libra Amulet Sept 21-Oct 20 Hip and Harmony

Carole Shashona’s handcrafted Libra Amulet represents the Zodiac of the Scales. Libras are socially adjusted, refined and dedicated.


Scorpio Amulet Oct 21-Nov 20 Private and Posh

Carole Shashona’s handcrafted Scorpio Amulet represents the Zodiac of the Scorpion. Scorpios are watery, commanding, passionate, and see life in black and white.


Sagittarius Amulet Nov 21-Dec 20 Creative and Focused

Carole Shashona’s handcrafted Sagittarius Amulet represents the Zodiac of the Archer and Arrow. Sagittarius is adventurous and a seeker of the meaning of life, representing success, fortune, and mysticism.


My Artisan transformative “Goddess” Zodiac Amulets, work in mysterious ways. I am eternally grateful, as I cast my vision into the future during these rapidly changing times. Let us imagine to co-create a future together. Let us heal our lives, and heal the world with love. May the Goddess within be your guide!


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I Salute Gems & Jewels to the Goddess who wears her. Hear and live your inner Goddess with Glamour, Attitude & Spirit!


Author of Feng Shui Chic, Simon & Schuster


Carole Shashona

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