Australia - My Tribute to “Ash”



Australia, the Earth Goddess.

The year 2019-2020, the dates of the catastrophic wildfires Australia experienced in the Koala Conservation Reserve. The fires astral body, united with the dramatic interplay of energy, sending grief and sorrow to the world. Flames expanded in the distant horizon as smoke licked the trees with heat, moving and demolishing Koala’s in its wake— as fear and protection failed-- 5,000 Koalas perished. Nature's teacher revealed the path of life that cannot be harnessed or overcome—but continue to rage in fury, offering substance to all who reside upon her feet. Earth, our sacred altar, bends with reverence to bestow the south wind and bends to the Goddess domination of Fire; Esmeralda, Hertha and Vesta. Take a moment to see clearly. Feel the compassion and protection needed to heal this rich environment. A new energy formed in the aftermath for the skeleton of death, creating “Hope”. Never did we foresee a lockdown care for animals by the Coronavirus pandemic and after this environmental disaster.


Hope, a symbol for Resurrection! Hear your inner voice and inspire your soul with silent vibrations from the soil of destruction. The baby Koala is born, named “Ash”. A tribute for Australia for she has not forgotten her indigenous soul with Hope & Healing.



The inside of the Sydney Opera House is an architectural designed masterpiece, uniting the past to the present. A vibrant pedestal, pulsating its performance space for the artist. Australia’s iconic landscapes are a visual delight. “The Bridge” with wind powered boats, drifting along the crystal clear waters, filled with secluded beaches and quiet caves in the tongue of the shores. Soaring headlands predominate the harbor that is considered one of the world’s most beautiful, delightfully filled with beachfront restaurants and cafes, connecting land and culture.


What to Wear Where- The Koala Conservation Reserve is all about picture taking and fun. The season is hot and I wear a colorful cotton shift dress, don my earrings & ring, sneakers and visor to prepare for my exotic adventure. I eagerly approached the pebbled entrance filled with eucalyptus trees, gazing up to the numerous Koala’s as they lunched away, hidden in the forestry.


The lines formed to ferry the way for visitors, as I entered the park. A quick assessment with a pointed finger from a guide led me to the caretaker, who handed me a baby Koala, named Nicole-- she was so adorable and yet so heavy. Nicole quickly turned to face the camera for a pose as I held her safely in my arms. I struggled with her weight & fell in love with this adorable Koala. She possessed such dynamic energy that had me stepping back into the heart of my childhood with wonder, spontaneity and fun. This magical memory carried a journey in a special time. A vibrant day, that transformed and renewed my spirit with laughter and joy.


Australia, the Earth Goddess, nursing back to life-- with a radiant cape of Hope & Healing. A rich metaphor for us to live life with Encouragement, Acceptance and Forgiveness. I salute-- Gems & Jewels to the Goddess who wears her.


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