At times we all need to lift our spirits in an instant. If you are dealing with a difficult individual, co- worker, friend or family member, escape may not be easy and you certainly cannot control a stormy day or weather. Fortunately, we do have control over our choices & we don't have to be a victim of circumstance.


Keeping your mood on an easy keel and staying relaxed is much easier than you think. If you find yourself irritable, fatigued, unfocused or even sad, what you eat can impact your mood and keep you healthy and your blood sugar stabilized and mood too!


There are known factors as remorse “high”- feeling impact our mood and influence our behavior. When we make emotional decisions from sadness or anger, we impact our choices with negative results.


If we pretend to be happy or upbeat, we sometimes can actually feel that way. Unfortunately, this feeling is not long- lasting and it proves that we are more in control of our moods than we acknowledge. Here are a few spirit uplifts you can try:


  1. Eat often and eat light. This will prevent dips in your blood sugar that can negatively affect your mood. Aim for 3 to 6 eating episodes total, plus snacks each day.
  2. Limit refined carbs such as soda, candy, enhanced sugar, white flour and wine spirits. These foods may give you an immediate rush of energy, but alas, will cause you burnout after.
  3. Add lean protein at every meal or snack. Protein will enrich your mood and stability- helping you feel alert and productive.
  4. Omega- 3 fats. Oily fish (salmon, sardines), canola oil, olive oil and walnuts lift the mood and alleviate depression.
  5. Vitamin B12 & folic acid- a mood stabilizer. Shellfish, oatmeal and veggies are foods rich in these nutrients.
  6. Walk with a dog, workout or play with your children- get up and move to boost your energy.
  7. 7-9 hours of rest per night even on weekends- important to get the sleep you need.
  8. Listen to music you love. If your mood is going down or you are thinking negatively, turn on your favorite tunes and sing. This will fill your mind with positive and not negative thoughts.
  9. Sight, smell, sound and taste are sensations to change your mood. Smell a flower, a candle or fresh herbs, take a moonlight swim-- in the bathtub.
  10. See a movie, read a novel, have lunch with a loved one, take a well-deserved break from your stressful situation.
  11. Fake it, till you make it! Smile and keep smiling and in time your mood will match your smile.
  12. Boost your mood and Create Calm- Feel angry, write in a journal; Stressed, take a nap, meditate or chant.


Remember, you have the choice to either drown in sorrow or change your mood. It is trial and error to find what works for you. It’s okay and natural to feel down, angry and depressed now and again. However, try self- care skills to uplift yourself to take control and boost your mood and energy levels.



Carole Shashona

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