1. Steam in a shower/bath
Sweat & heat gets your heart rate up- Detox with 1 cup of Epsom Salt , cleanse the energy, boost wellness.


2. Meditate Daily
On-the-Go meditation will cleanse energy & quality of life. Spray the room with a disinfectant periodically to give you the extra boost of energy, hold the meditation coin on your Carole Shashona bracelet while reciting your mantras.
3. Don’t hold back
Express & blow off steam & anger will have you feeling better rather than keeping it in. Breathe & let go.
4. Happy Hour
From wine to water. Moderate drinking lowers blood pressure. However, drink water often!
5. Hugs/touch elbows
With a partner. Increase oxytocin and get a boost of energy.
6. Phone/Email/Text a friend
Social connections improve mental health & immune system
7. Go nuts- walnuts
Calms the body stress points
8. Wash hands!
Keep good hygiene and stay clean!
9. Play music
Play Clair de lune- healing the atmosphere. Home therapy- play music to uplift your soul. It’s important to think positive, allow energy to flow, with an open heart. Positive attitude to bring healing & love to all!




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