East Meets West – With Tradition & Glamour

Carole Shashona’s Healthy Life & Style

I close my eyes to recall a room, where Art and Objects are displayed from across the globe. As I add a definitive nod my imagination soars with clarity for the Beauty and the Extravagance of the bygone era, where glamour was “all that mattered.”

Come explore with me as I envision, a wet bar with wooden paneling with exquisite inlaid marquetry. It’s not my imagination that takes me here, for you see I have made this travel years ago to live in Hong Kong. As the plane descends to Kai Tak airport and the doors open, I am welcomed with a pungent aroma that will forever transport me to my first arrival to Hong Kong. Hong Kong whispers to me her legacy, from the grandeur of the past she voices diversity and change. This challenges myself, the Artist within, to create the classic with contemporary style, sensual appeal to all my designs. As months turn to years, this era captured and awakened the passion held within myself. Walking the hillsides with my Master, my eyes unveiled the mysteries of the past, fusing French Deco with Quing Dynasty traditions as nature, balance and beauty were tools to be developed and refined. I often had asked myself— “can I capture this Spirit to my jewelry designs?” I implemented this technique thereafter, to my design portfolio honoring beauty every moment to every day.  For my arts, this unique blend captured the International Society held in her Island’s arms.

I bow to my Master, my guide, as we explored to discover who I am, I found the person within bringing forth the beauty and the passion for life, he had unleashed. I recall the bustling city, the sounds with cries of the waterfront, women wearing the graceful cheongsam, rickshaws and the city lights that captured the waterways as ferries carry one back and forth.  I remember my dashing to the last ferry to bring me back to the mainland.

I picture Hong Kong where one can sink into the sofa, be seduced by the extravagance with dramatic oil paintings, animal prints and luscious drapery silks offering the ambiance to indulge the senses. I am embraced and come alive with the richness of this past, translating it forever to all my designs. Today, as yesteryear, I inhale the pungent smell taking me back to the hills of Hong Kong.

I take my pencil in hand rejoicing - I am home again, enlightened and embraced by the “Glamour” and the seductive ambiance of the East.


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