How to use Couture Feng shui for better sleep?

Divination is an ancient concept of past times. This concept has brought a lot of things to our sight that are unable to be believed. Divination has several types such as the science of water, the science of wind, the science of sand, and many other related ones. Our main focus will be the science of sand which is also known as Geomancy (A Chinese concept of divination). It has also been given the name Feng shui which means wind and water. Feng shui for better sleep also requires the chi energy. The actual science behind feng shui is to bring or achieve harmonization between individuals and their surrounding environments. Feng shui for relaxation is also an emerging concept in divination.You can also find the right feng shui sleeping head direction and feng shui bed placement from this article. 

This read will tell you what Feng shui is, why it is used these days, how much you require feng shui for better sleep, which direction your bed should be, whether feng shui affects your sleep or not, and many other related things such as feng shui sleeping direction. 

An insight into the understanding of feng shui:

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese concept or philosophy that is concerned with the movement of your bed or sleeping place with the flow of energy to bring about peace and tranquility while you are sleeping. It's all about the natural laws of the Chinese system that help you govern the position and orientation of your furniture. It is the perfect amalgamation of wind and water that gives that concept of the flow of life (A kind of flow of life that people usually look for in their homes). 

Feng shui is a concept of divination that is concerned with harmonization, balance, peace, and tranquility. It brings relaxation and maintains a balance between the individuals and their surrounding environments. 

How to improve sleep with feng shui? 

You can improve your sleep with feng shui if you sleep in the right southward direction and keep disturbances away from you. Improving your sleep with feng shui is quite an easy and comfortable thing to do. 

What are the important tips to achieve feng shui for better sleep?

There are innumerable ways and feng shui tips for sleep that will serve you well in improving your sleep with feng shui. Let’s give a few minutes to the following important and relevant tips.

1- Position your bed at the center of your room

Implementing feng shui in your bedrooms will help you improve your sleep especially if you position your bed or sleeping mat centrally. Your feng shui bed placement must be relaxing. The center of your bedroom is considered to be an ideal place and best direction to sleep feng shui. 

2- Occupy maximum space with king sized bed:

You can also achieve feng shui if you occupy more space in your room for your sleep. This is possible only when you buy a queen-sized bed for your comfort and ease of sleeping. You will also need a big sized mattress for big sized bed. The right feng shui bed placement will help you occupy maximum space with this stated size of your bed. 

3- Choose the right placement of the bedroom mirror 

The placement of a mirror is also important to Schoen feng shui in your bedroom. People spend most of the time of their day in their bedrooms sleeping. That's why achieving Feng shui in your bedroom requires you to adjust your mirror high. Do not line your mirror with your bed. Make sure that you can't see a mirror from your bed. That's what is required by feng shui. That's what is required for the best direction to sleep feng shui. 

4- Ensure maximum airflow

You need to make sure that the flow of air is ensured in your bedroom for better sleep. There should be adjustable blinds in your room or sleeping place. 

5- Maintain balance in your room with the side tables

Maintaining balance helps you achieve feng shui for better sleep. For this purpose, you need to adjust the side tables in your bedrooms that bring symmetry to your room. You can also feel your sleeping place harmonized. 

6- Incorporate eco-friendly beddings 

You can incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable bedding in your bedroom for the achievement of feng shui for better sleep in your room. Natural mattresses that are crafted with wood or bamboo are good options for this bedding. They help you achieve balance as well in your rooms. So, the incorporation of natural elements into your bedrooms helps you get a night of better sleep. 

7- Create a sense of balance with soothing color tunes in your bedroom

You can also create balance in your room with the help of soothing, light, and not-so-attractive color schemes and tones in your bedrooms. This theme will help you achieve feng shui for better sleep for a perfect sleep time. 

8- Get some relaxing ambiance for your bedroom

You can also get some light bulbs or incandescent bulbs for your sleeping. If you use low light bulbs then it would be easier for you to achieve feng shui in your room. A sense of calmness and comfort. 

9- Better to limit all the distractions

It would be better if you limit all the distractions such as open doors and windows, hanging towels or clothes, and many such things. So, make sure that the doors and windows are not opened. Otherwise, you might be feeling a bit uncomfortable while moving away from your bed. All these things help you achieve feng shui for your place.

10- Try not to overload your bedroom with bookshelves

If you wanna achieve a sound sleep with feng shui then you should better move your bookshelves or loaded shelves with your essential tools to the other room. These shelves usually disrupt the balance of your sleep which is not good for sound sleep. 

All the aforementioned Feng shui tips for sleep are important to consider when your goal is to achieve feng shui in your bedroom for sound, relaxation, and a harmonized environment. 

Which direction is best to sleep according to feng shui? 

Southward direction is called the feng shui direction. Well, feng shui sleeping direction is also important to consider in this overall philosophy. It would be better if your head is in the southward direction. This is a recommended feng shui sleeping head direction. So, it would be better if you lie down with your head in a southward direction and also try to avoid going north to the solid direction for your overall body. 

A right feng shui sleeping head direction ensures balance, peace, and tranquility while you are sleeping. Feng shui theory and philosophy supports the south direction because it works well with the flow of air. Just make sure that your feet are not pointing toward the door. It is not considered a good feng shui sleeping direction. 

What are the rules of feng shui for better sleep?

Several rules are to be followed if you want to get feng shui for yourself. A few are mentioned here. 

  • You should check the flow of air in your bedroom. 
  • You should find the center of your room for better bed placement. 
  • There will be low light in your bedroom if you wanna avoid chaos and disturbances. Low light helps in sleeping and in achieving sleeping goals. 
  • There should be no distractions in your bedroom. Distractions could be in the form of hanging towels, hanging things, and many other things.
    Make sure that you are choosing a southward direction while you are lying down with your head. 
  • There should be restrictions on moving your feet toward the door. 
  • All these rules are made for feng shui and better sleep. So, you need to avoid those things that are not recommended in these rules for better sleep. 

What direction should your face bed be for sleeping?

The best direction to sleep feng shui is undoubtedly southward. You must try to sleep in line with the Earth's magnetic field. It will help you achieve the right feng shui sleeping head direction. Your face bed should be in the southward direction, your feet should not be pointing towards the door of your bedroom, and you must lie down comfortably in your bed. 

Can feng shui affect your sleep? 

Feng shui affects your sleep because it requires proper airflow. If there is chaos in your bedroom then you won't be able to achieve feng shui for a sound sleep in your bedroom. Moreover, feng shui is also used for relaxation. If you remove all the disturbances such as hanging things from your room then you can achieve your end goals. 

So, it is settled that feng shui affects your effect in either way. If everything is smooth and relaxing then achieving a feng shui sleeping position will be easier. If there is chaos and discomfort then you will not be able to achieve your sound sleep goals easily. Moreover, you can maintain harmony and balance in your room. This thing is helping you to maximize the flow of air in your room and in your place.

A Small Token Of Appreciation: 

Till now, you have found out the right feng shui sleeping head direction and feng shui bed placement which is southward. We have also mentioned several feng shui tips that will help you make your sleep sound and relaxing. Moreover, these tips help you find harmony between yourself and your surrounding environment. So, it is quite evident and a settled fact after reading this article that you can achieve feng shui for better sleep if you follow all the tips in this article.

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