Feng Shui-Inspired Home Decor: Tips for Creating a Harmonious Space

Want to make a good impression of your place? Looking for useful tips to create a harmonious space by inculcating feng shui in your space? Well, nothing is unachievable when you know the right tips for feng shui home decor. Feng shui not only adds a natural element to your place or residence but also brings balance, harmony, peace, serenity, and tranquility to your life. That's why achieving feng shui in most of your important things is considered an omen.

What is Feng Shui all about?

Before diving directly into feng shui home decoration ideas and tips, you need to clear your concepts about what feng shui is. Well, there are numerous concepts in the sciences. Metaphysics is also one of them. These practices make you believe that several ocular things have no existence. Still, they believed it to be supernatural. Feng shui is one such concept that involves metaphysical practices. 

Feng shui is a connection or a way of understanding the relationship between individuals and nature. Creating harmony, making a connection with the natural world, bringing natural energies to your home or place, and many other related things lie at the core of feng Shui’s key concept. Well, this read is specific for feng shui home decor. 

How should I decorate my house with feng shui?

You should decorate your house with feng shui with all those things that bring positive energy to your place such as low light, the right placement of the bed, quality of things, choosing a special location, and many other related things. Decorating your house with feng shui is important to get a desired and balanced style of life for yourself. That's what you need to charge yourself from your surroundings. Here your surroundings help you fuel up your batteries and make your home decorated. 

What are the important feng shui tips for home decor?

Numerous tips are used for feng shui home decorating things. Feng shui home decoration asks you a lot of things to consider and follow in the right manner. You can decorate your house with feng shui by following these important tips. Let's know about feng shui tips for home decor. 

Achievement of quality of things and special location:

Two things are the prerequisites for the achievement of this goal which are: the quality of things and special locations. If you find yourself successful in the achievement of these two things then your feng shui home decoration will be up to the mark. 

Get rid of all the trash in your home:

You can find trash or all the extra things that are present in your home and can get rid of them if you wanna achieve your goal. This is a way of giving respect and honor to the place where you live. This is called decluttering of your home.

Achieve 5 main elements of feng shui:

Five main elements of feng shui should work in harmony for feng shui home decor. These elements include fire, earth, metal, wood, and water. All these elements collectively bring natural energies to your home. 

Bring fairness and freedom to your home:

Airness and freedom are the two main things that you should let in your home for a better feng shui home design. These things are the signs of bringing and ensuring positive energies in your home. 

The right placement of the bed should be focused:

The placement of your bed is also important and it should be at the center of your room. It keeps your room airy and full of positive energy. Moreover, you need to find a command position for this placement of a bed in your room to achieve a sustainable and calm feng shui home design. 

Add natural elements to your place:

You can also add natural elements like sun rays, airflow, and wind to your place. These natural elements help you achieve feng shui-inspired home decor and as a result, you will ultimately get a harmonious space for yourself. 

Keep all the things clean and dirt free:

Achieving feng shui is only possible when you keep all things clean and dirt free. This requires you to make a proper routine for cleaning your furniture, daily used items, and even yourself. 

Can you create a harmonious space with feng shui home decor?

You can create a harmonious space with feng shui ideas for home decoration. All you need is the placement of your bed, furniture, decoration pieces, perfect color, and many other things. 

An Insight into feng shui interior design:

Well, feng shui has a lot of ideas for interior designs such as the right placement of all the furniture tools, choosing feng shui colors such as green and then white, maintaining the southward direction and position of your home and bed placement, and many other related things. That's what helps you design the interior of your home with feng shui. 

What decoration is good for feng shui?

The right feng shui decoration comes with the addition of house plants to your house. Green plants cast a huge and lasting impact on your overall place and are considered good for getting positive energy. Feng shui helps in achieving this decoration if you add chandeliers, green plants, and a lot of other things. Balance is key to achieving feng shui. So, there should be balance in all the things that you use for feng shui home decor

What is the best feng shui placement for home?

The south-facing direction is usually considered a good option for feng shui decoration and the right placement. Make sure that your house is directed towards the south. This direction is aimed at bringing the best air flow, proper lighting, and all kinds of Chi energy to your home. 

What is the golden rule for home decor?

The golden rule for feng shui home decor requires the perfect selection of color, texture, and pattern for all the things that you add to your home. This golden rule states that your home and everything in it should look perfectly blended and synchronized. There should be harmony and balance in all things. That's what will help you acquire Chi energy for your home. Well, feng shui decoration can be done with many other things such as hanging lamps of low light, chandeliers, and proper airflow from windows. 

What is the lucky color of house feng shui?

Green is usually considered to be the lucky color of house feng shui and it is usually required for feng shui home decorating ideas. The green color usually symbolizes peace, serenity, fresh energy, and many other related things. Regeneration is also associated with this color. So, feng shui finds green color lucky for feng shui interior design. The green color also helps in maximizing the feng shui positive energy effects. 

White color is also considered good for feng shui interior design and this color adds peace, sophistication, and calmness to your home and place. This color, along with providing serenity to your place, also symbolizes purity for your home decor. 

What Colors should be avoided in feng shui?

Numerous colors and color combinations are not considered to be a good option for feng shui home decorating ideas. Red is termed as a fire color and that's why this color is not recommended for feng shui interior design. The combination of black and white also needs to be avoided in feng shui because this color shows emptiness and vacuum. 

What should be placed in front of the main door?

There should be a mat of feng shui recommended colors at the main entrance of your main door because this is the place from where the positive or chi energy enters your home. There should be a mat of perfect size in front of the main door. 

Your entrance should be welcoming as it all depends on the feng shui home decorating ideas. This entrance usually defines the actual feng shui of your home, the level of positive and chi energy in your home, and whether your home has harmony and balance or not. 


Wrapping up the whole read will give you a thought that all the feng shui-inspired home decor tips that we have discussed in this article are important to bring feng shui into your home. The right feng shui decoration deals with the positive energy that comes in the form of perfect feng shui color, balance, harmony, feng the right placement of the bed, and many other things. The feng shui home decor is easy to achieve for a harmonious space with beautiful feng shui interior design. So, use these tips to achieve a harmonious feng shui space in your home decoration.

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