Carole Shashona’s Healthy Life & Style

My recent “Gem Fashion” posts are my way of helping you get out of the closets and onto the streets of life. Each post is meant to help you accessorize for any occasion to achieve focus, energy and function. Do you know how to select jewelry colors for your daily functions, to create less stress to bring harmony to your life? Much like nature, you can derive energy from jewelry and feel beautiful. As you uncover your own individual style, you will find change does not mean what’s in and what’s out.

While fashion does indeed change, it is futile to seek the “next big thing,” and it’s not about trying to fit into something you are not. That’s like putting a square peg in a round hole. If you are seeking colors for promoting love and romance, you should accessorize with hot colors. Red or orange combined with blue or turquoise will fire up passion and romance. Orange is your dominant color with blue to boost your energy. To feel like the warrior you are, combine silver and gold for a beautiful enhancement that will grab your lover’s attention.

Picture a full moon late in the evening or early in the morning, you’ll understand the image of beauty and its luminescence. This fall season’s moon is evidenced in platinum and silvers amidst tones of gray-greens, gray-blues, and plums. Discover the moon’s influence to shimmer with metallic jewelry and highlight your fashion style. The moon may place you in a reflective mood.  I always tell my clients to create an area to relax, meditate and get away from it all. This is your private sanctuary – a place just for you. Your sanctuary will offer you comfort after a long day’s work to relax, sit still, and reflect. The calm moments will offer beauty within, helping you to Recharge, Relax and Rejuvenate. 

Gem Mantra

Today’s world is hectic, continuously getting faster and more chaotic. We find ourselves separating from our natural instincts and replacing them with computers, phones and quick communication. This creates detachment from our hearts, us, our friends and lives. I believe every meditation is a process for personal harmony, answering the need for you in today’s hectic lifestyle to replace chaos with relaxation and contentment. Doing daily meditations will uplift your energy naturally. Each meditation will organize your mind to assist you. This is your life compass to Self, guiding you to new destinations and goals.

When meditating the first time with my clients, I see eyes like a deer in the headlights, expressing fear when I say to them “let’s meditate.” Many of my clients will reply to me, “I don’t have time,” or better yet, “I am not dressed for it.” I reply, “That’s all nonsense,” and repeat: “Let’s meditate.” Sit on the floor, relax, close your eyes and breathe. Begin, place your golden coin in your hand and choose one inspiring word to begin your meditation. Close your eyes, it’s just that easy. After your meditation, you can use that same word throughout the day to help you stay focused and calm. Follow me on Instagram for more Gem Mantras to inspire you weekly.


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