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The “Golden” Coin- I wear my “Golden” coin as a potent majesty to empower me. My “Golden” coin compass will keep me on course.

Glamour-ist Well-Being

Hello Goddesses! When I was eight years old, growing up in Queens, all I wanted to do was dance, stand on pointe and wear high heels. I remember wearing my mother's silver pumps and holding up a beautiful, muted tone, full skirted dress with a ruched bodice and sweetheart neckline. It had a gray feather tucked inside the tulle lining. Looking in the mirror, I felt like a movie star or a ballerina. It is still a vivid memory to this day.


While performing in the art of dance and rehearsing in Carnegie Hall, theater taught me transformation and the power of a theatrical setting and the magic of costume. Nowadays, that magical transformation inspires my day-to-day Glamour-ist styling with many celebrities and high-profile clients.


I begin with notes taken on each client, adding my research of gathering photos of old eras to get a better image of past time periods. I research color information and the client’s social and non-social events. Lighting and mood are all a part of the evolving image for each client. Storyboards with fabrics and textures, accessories and body placement all play the important role to style the Glamour-ist silhouette to combine their lifestyle to enhance their image.


My secret weapon begins with the undergarments, from color to cut as the magic begins here. It’s “Trompe L’oielle” of the body… translation, fool’s eye. I feel amazing when creating a look for my client and hear, “Carole, thank you!” Knowing your look and style is key. I always flip the image from sportswear to Red Carpet, not repeating the same cut and silhouette. It’s a must to refresh and regroup your style. You need to have fun with fashion… hemlines elevate or drop… stripes become the favorite for the design community or passé. I always find it amusing to dress trendy. It’s OK to dabble a bit with some trends, but you must be true to yourself and your style. Not to say, don’t try the new....please do, but your style should build and evolve.


I always create a unique storyboard for each client. I add colors, florals, plaids, accessories and shoes that freshen their look each season. I even create a new silhouette or color palette as fashion is an adventure! Once again, I see the image of the young girl looking in the mirror, holding her mother’s evening gown and wearing her silver pumps. I remember that little girl who grew to become the woman I’m today. We play dress up because we want to be somewhere or someone else. Growing up and developing a fashion style shows the world how wonderful and inspirational you have become.


My High Priestess Jewelry- Backstory:

My Grandmother will tell you I always loved theater, the arts, fantasy and theater sets that lift the spirit with lasting impressions. As a dancer, I took classes in Carnegie Hall and danced in the Metropolitan Opera House. My pointe shoes taught me placement, silhouette and physical space to alignment. This period of my life defined my awareness of the lush and lavish that only the Opera could display. Yet, the focus on detail with fantasy created the environment and the setting for the actors to perform. In contrast, Martha Graham showed me the architectural line with symmetry to both dancer and sets are important to the viewer.


Living and working in both Hong Kong and England taught me the approach to British design and the importance to introduce subtle colors with the Old World standard for quality and craftsmanship. Placing antiques with well-made upholstery and fabrics was my “hands on experience” to accessorize and embellish many homes!


In my childhood, I was not surrounded by entertainment in my home. Living abroad in Asia and Europe with the experience of ancient cultures opened my eyes with passion to home entertainment. Living and mentored in the ancient city of Kyoto, I learned entertaining by chefs to- plan a menu, which trays and dishes will enhance the color of food to be offered and plated-- the importance to “eat with your eyes”, as well as your mouth.


[High Priestess What to Wear- Where]: Posted every Saturday! 

Moving back stateside, I incorporated my design services as Master in the Art of Feng Shui. Enhancing meditations with luxury [jewelry] for wellness, fused the Glamour-ist lifestyle creating stylish fashions with spiritual moments. My [designs] are my arts, embodied with ancient Asian philosophies to blend with contemporary motifs. My culmination of years immersed in these Asian cultures blend modern principles to elevate Feng Shui with what I call “Mojo Spirit.” Designing eponymous [jewelry collections] designed to channel to enhance the Glamour-ist Spirit with channeled moments to experience [wellness] with colorful gem amplification.


I am recognized as the Modern Master, propelling Feng Shui to today’s Modern Life-- a methodical formula for decisions, principles, and functions for the Glamour-ist to infuse her “spiritual vibe.”


The juxtaposition of these multiple cultures is my design mantra for Wellness. I always followed my passion and did what I loved to do. From dancing in West Side Story to Feng Shui Grand Master, I have learned to follow my passion-- my arts. Perhaps, this experience formed the path that I walk today, as I step forward to new directions for enhancing the Glamour-ist inner Wellbeing.


Modern Master Fun Salutations!

Head to our collection of [meditation teachings] for your daily Jewel Juvenation Toning.


I Salute Gems & Jewels to the Goddess who wears her. Hear and live your inner Goddess with Glamour-ist, Attitude & Spirit!


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