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Carole shashona’s Feng shui fashion tips for 2020

Red my lips. Red lips this season invites passion and signals the return to glamour.

The time is right. What good is style if you're hurried and rushed. Carole shashona recommends an energy change by wearing your watch on your right wrist. This literally frees up the left to receive the hearts energy and reminds us to be centered and calm, this is always in style.

Time for Glamour. This season the return to glamour can be accentuated by wearing an assortment of stacked bracelets and necklaces. Have fun and mix pearls with black diamonds. Carole’s favorite number is five, so wear at least five bracelets for elegance to come alive.

Think green. Stimulate new beginnings and prosperity by wearing a touch of green. avoid wearing black and blues, but if its a must counteract it by wearing green undergarments.

Blossoming romance. Invite romance into your spirit by wearing fall florals- either prints or scarves. In addition, invite romance into your space by placing a floral scarf or cloth between your springs and mattresses.

Cut loose. After winter it is time to change your hairstyle. Cut loose the old tired ends and rejuvenate the hair and spirit with a new do. Add more fire energy and put a red rinse in your hair, you can do it!

Sing the blues. Put your wardrobe into a stylish rhythm with metallic silver tones for the year of the metal rat, step into harmony with any shade of this vibrant hue.

Empower the spirit. Animal prints evoke great spirit with jeweled energy. where you wear them is significant. Shoes designate power and handbags are about creative flow. Tiger prints represent creativity. Wear carole's new fauna & flora collection jewelry to enhance your daily energy.

Carole Shashona 

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