Inspo with Andy Warhol

Carole Shashona's Healthy Life & Style

As an Artist I’m often asked what inspires me? This season’s jewelry draws from the rhythm and beat, the heart and soul of the city streets, late night jazz and dance clubs and the art world. I was first introduced to Andy and his Factory when he painted my portrait. While sitting for him, I learned more deeply about color energy and imagery and spirituality, all of which are part of my daily life and designs. 

This week’s Gem Mantra: Gratitude

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The cShashona Fantasy Art de Vivre is the perfect layering necklace beset with a diamond and sapphire Sacred eye. Adding a pop of glamour to this spiritual piece is an all-diamond stiletto heel and horn. You can wear day-to-night with jeans and a tall boot or a black dress for an evening on the town.

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