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Sparkle and Shine with Carole Shashona

Enhance Romance on Valentine's Day with Fashion, Spirit & Style!

Allure Romance

Is your affair on ice? Heat things up by showing off your curves and baring your skin, especially your shoulders and decolletage. This is the Chinese Year of the Metal Rat-avoid the color blue.

Empower Dreams

Need to put some extra sizzle in a date? Wear your red coral for power. This color is your passport to a rosy future.

Boost Energy

Having trouble with commitment? Wear a lace dress (to cast an alluring web), silk (to smooth the relationship you have).

Boost Passion

Want to be your own number one fan? Wear pink or red undergarments.

Attract Positive Energy

Hang the Harmony Bell inside your front door to bring in love & romance.

Enhance Protection

Hoping to get lucky? Horseshoes work, so do metal accessories, which do much to attract love & protection.

Symbolizing Devotion

Longing for abundance and lasting love? Send your lover seven pink roses and one red rose with the lotus emerald ring symbolizing devotion.

Uplift Energy With Carole Shashona's Jewelry

Lusting for some passion at home? Light three red candles to unite mind, body and spirit. Sparkle & Delight.

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