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Valentine Vows for Boosting Romance in the Bedroom

Boost Romance potential by placing a flowered scarf between your mattress and box springs. Don’t use all white for bed linens.

Place two night tables of the same height at opposite ends of the bed to symbolize balance in the relationship.

Secure your headboard to avoid a “rocky” relationship. Don’t have an unstable headboard.

Create Harmony by unblocking the energy floor for romance by clearing out clutter. Don’t have clutter under your bed.

Build the heat in the bedroom for romance naturally. Don’t have fans over the bed. If you have one, don’t use it while you are in bed.

Is your affair on ice? Heat things up by showing off your curves and baring your skin, especially your shoulders and décolletage. Avoid the color blue; this will promote chilly relationships in heated moments.

Need to put some extra sizzle in a date? Wear red for power and passion, pink for love and affection. From strawberry to fuchsia, these colors are our passport to a rosy future. Wear a body-hugging jacket for allure, but avoid structured suits that send a wrong message of being unapproachable and closed off to love.

Having trouble with commitment? Choose clothing made of lace (to cast an alluring web), silk (to smooth the relationship you have), or cashmere and other soft wools (to make you cuddly). Avoid rough-textured or unfinished fabrics, which will invite rough relationships onto your work or love life.

Want to be your own number one fan? Wear pink or red undergarments. They are wonderful for spicing up love energy, for yourself and others, too!

Longing for a new romance? Wear a silk scarf in red or pink to get that special someone’s attention. Hang a love knot of pink and red ribbons adorned with eight small bells outside our front door and ring in romance.


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