Meditate with Me

In traditional cultures and since Ancient Times, bells & candles have been used as a ritual to create a moment for stillness and reflection. For your meditation, I have created bracelets with my Black Diamond Coin. Wear your bracelet on your left hand and hold the coin, anytime and everywhere, this will help you relax and nurture you. Doing daily meditations, will uplift your energy naturally for contentment and ease. Each meditation will organize your mind to assist you as it is your life compass to self, guiding you to destinations and goals. I believe every meditation is a process for personal harmony in answering today's need to replace chaos with relaxation and ease in today’s hectic lifestyle.


Many times I have been asked if meditation is a religious ritual. It’s not about religion; it is about health and wellness for your body when meditating the first time with my clients. When I say to them, “let’s meditate”, I see eyes like a deer in headlights, expressing fear. Many of my clients will reply “I don’t have time”, or better yet “I am not dressed for it”. I reply, “that’s all utter nonsense” and repeat, “let’s meditate”.


Sit on the floor, relax, close your eyes and breathe. It’s just that easy. The only requirements needed are you & 10 minutes. Easy! You can do a meditation to relax, recharge, heal and energize. And best of all, you can do it sitting in the sun, rain, home or office, or in the car or an Uber. There are many meditations for any needs you may have to relax and energize you.


Today’s world is hectic and continuously getting faster and more chaotic. We find ourselves detaching from our natural instincts and we are replacing these natural essences with computers, phones and quick communication- that’s creating detachment from our hearts, ourselves, friends, families and lives.


As a Grandmaster in the art of Feng Shui, I teach my clients that in order to de- clutter your life, you need to de- clutter your mind as well for wellness of Body, Spirit and Mind. I have spent many hours with my clients de- cluttering their homes, offices and even closets. This is why I have taken Feng Shui out of the closet and to “The Power of Wellness”. I’ve often found through my life’s work when my clients’ homes are cluttered and disorganized, their mind and organizational skills are too.


Now let us take a moment to think. Think of your average day. How do you cope? Or not? Are you feeling stressed often and burned out? Meditation is your body‘s natural recharge button. You cannot find it in a pill or a bottle. It is a natural process to help you relax and recharge to help you to look at the big picture for your goals and ambitions. Your personal meditation is your process, helping you to be the little fish swimming in the big pond, negotiating your daily passage. When you look at the big picture, do you prioritize and focus? I promise you- meditate and you will help let go of all the clutter in your brain and in your life. When you have mind- clutter, you have lost your focus and goals.


I say take the time to focus and recharge. Do your meditation in these Quarantine times- find a private area to recharge. When we return to our work outside our homes, recall the same principles to align as this will help you adjust your energy to relax you- in your body and mind.


Every meditation is your personal moment to recharge. How can you start your practice? Try my “on the go” meditation moment to give you the power to act, not react. A moment to be poised like a warrior, to make decisions, powering self. Use your meditation moment to align your senses, uniting Mind, Body and Spirit with function and goals. You will become an empowered for- “May the force be with you!”



Carole Shashona

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