Romancing the Stones- WindWater Black Diamond



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The “Golden” Coin- I wear my “Golden” coin as a potent majesty to empower me. My “Golden” coin compass will keep me on course.

Romancing the Stones- WindWater Black Diamond

Hello Beautiful! Have 15 minutes? I’m often asked what is Glamour? The myths, the meaning, and the beliefs of Glamour have often been questioned. My personal journey for this image will be reflected in the many stories I have learned, offering inner harmony. I believe today’s woman provides wholeness, peace, and beauty to the world.


Many of my clients have asked me why I design jewelry. Why do I love to style them? My simple answer: There are no rules to fashion or styling. This question isn’t answered with my simple set of do’s and don'ts for fashion, which I love; it’s really about self-expression! Like music, theater and art, I adore helping women develop a personal style of their very own. This is what and why Fashion is so exciting to me!


Jewelry cost is often challenging to the process for designing collectible jewelry. Every detail is noticed, with grand efforts to create a silken surface to hold my design's fine detail. My criteria and foundation to develop each piece is this simple fact- the guiding force for Beauty with Quality in all my designs. The whole point of wearing jewelry is to have fun dressing up!


Frequently, I traveled to Asia and Europe, enjoying the sights and sounds of the French Riviera with friends. Many enjoyed the glamour of relaxing in the sun while having fun wearing bikinis with expensive bijou on their necks, arms, and ears, exuding a relaxed European style. Their statement gems evoked my Spirit to develop a new frontier for jewelry adornment. “Why not design gems that will sparkle with delight when worn for today’s Glamour Posh Jewelry,” said I. This was the beginning of my concept for WindWater Jewelry that would be both beautiful and wearable, and best of all, Spiritual. I began looking at my Collections. As I touched the pieces I adored such as the tiger tooth hanging on a gold chain, I began innovating fun motifs for pendants with [horns], stars, Goddesses, and of course, eye charms. The colorful stones are embedded in settings that I have carefully designed. Years later I discovered the writings of Karl Langerfeld for Black Diamonds. “Black diamonds are rare, hard to cut, and therefore uncommercial.” This is the perfect statement for the Glamourous Woman to wear as Posh Culture. Afterall, this is Luxury Redefined!


WindWater Fashion Fit

Trust your inner instincts for your unique fashion. The WindWater Posh Jewelry are enhanced with gems and colors to make you feel so good. Wear it! Your confidence will beam out, spotlighting your elegance. Most importantly, have fun with your creative flow. Indulge yourself with Posh Culture. I say, “Glam up, and show the world the amazing woman you have become!”


[What to Wear Where]

I've danced, pranced, and have had visionary inspirations to enchant you with protective vibes, Glamour with Spiritual messages. Each [Black Diamond] spacer denotes a natural landscape, painting offering harmony, capturing protection for you to wear every day.


WindWater Fashion Fit

The Posh Culture Fashion Fit will have you sport a tailored and nipped full waist frock or a circular skirt with a button-down blouse. Add a stunning belt with sleek pumps & [cocktail ring]-- perfect for the lunch bunch.


WindWater Fashion Fit- Casual fashion

Bikinis, jeans and tops with stripes and flowers, and of course tousled hair-- pair with [gold hoops], perfect attire for the beach or cafe.


WindWater Fashion Fit- Hats

For relaxed glamour, combine a tailored blazer, jeans, and [stacked bracelets]. Perfect for museum and garden strolling.


WindWater Fashion Fit- Dresses

Select silk jersey’s, this is your “knockout” dressing. Strapless or sheath fits your body with sex appeal- add our gorgeous [Arabesque earrings].


WindWater Fashion Fit - Skirts

Wear [luxurious pearls] and brooches- your staple with jackets, dresses and sweaters. Don’t forget the pencil skirt!


WindWater Luxury Redefined Fashion Fit

Transitional Fashion Terrors-- are you resistant to change? Often repeats your fashion style again and again? Or do you have challenging times to dress up or dress down dilemmas?


WindWater Luxury Redefined- Posh Jewelry

Reach for the Stars  

Every artisan rondelle is designed as a spacer (breathe). I have specifically embellished my bracelets with Black Diamond rondelles for you to Chant, Sing and Meditate. The reflective [Black Diamonds] will illuminate your inner wellbeing with passion, showering you with a host of blessings! Designed especially for you to enjoy your daily rituals. Each bracelet is your reminder to “sound your mantra” bravely to the world. Be Calm, Be Still, Be Strong. Imagine seeing the world through the eyes of your childhood, guiding you with love. Follow your heart with Imagination, Protection and yes of course, Glamour!


Fun Salutations!

Divine Blessings, intuitive power, and prosperity. Enjoy the benefits of WindWater Hand Yoga, bringing you the “Spirit” for Health and Wellness daily. For more Meditations- Head to our [Jewel Juvenation Teachings]!


I Salute Gems & Jewels to the Goddess. Hear and live your inner Spirit with Glamour, Posh Culture & Spirit!


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