Thanksgiving – BE "Grateful"

Carole Shashona's Healthy Life & Style

Whatever the style – spatial design is for specific purpose and function for your lifestyle. A Muse room combines beauty and function for wellness reducing stress and inspiring uplifting moods, cultivating a better sense of self within, to lead a joyful, mindful life.

What are some of the immediate things you can do to bring harmony into your life? I believe meditation is a very important part for your energy alignment. You don’t have to literally sit and meditate; some enjoy meditation while cooking or gardening—getting back to earth working with herbs.  Another may meditate by creating what I call, “muse space.” Find an area where you can relax, breathe—an area just for you. That becomes YOUR space to go to at least once a day. If within your office, allow yourself to close the door for two minutes, close your eyes or look at a lovely painting or flower to relax and breathe. Take a few minutes to reload, to breathe.  Most of us often stop breathing (especially at work) because of the stress in our lives. Breathe, take in the energy of life and, as you exhale, let go of what you don’t want in life as old thoughts/emotions. Breathe and Inhale to new thoughts, emotions and blessings.

Nurture, Cleanse & Energize your home:

  • De-clutter – By de-cluttering, one can start getting more focused in life.
  • Place a flowering scarf between the mattress and bedsprings to welcome in flowering harmonious relationships.
  • Don’t place the family in the bedroom — after all, it is an intimate area.
  • Never use peach in the bedroom — peach is scattered energy. A remedy is to boost with green.
  • It’s important to pay attention to what image your mirror is seeing.  Whatever is reflected in the mirror is invited into the space. If the mirror sees your neighbor, you are inviting your neighbor within; if the mirror sees flowers, that is wonderful.
  • Crystal energy is transformation and crystals catch light. Even if your home doesn’t face the greatest view, add a crystal to your window to enhance positive energy flow.
  • Add an amethyst stone to the center of your home enhancing harmony.
  • If your back is to the door when cooking in your kitchen, place a mirror so you can what is behind you.
  • Welcome fresh opportunities by placing a green doormat outside your front door.
  • Brighten your work area with good lighting. A star shaped crystal paperweight serves as a reminder of your star power. 
  • Place a fresh green plant on your desk for prosperity.
  • Wear Serenity — the energy of life Carole Shashona Bracelet on your left wrist to receive life’s blessings.

*Remember, always be a guest in your home!

Happy Thanksgiving
I am grateful for your friendship



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