The Bold and Beautiful- Africa



A natural landscape filled with Nostalgia, Edge of Spirit, with a Vibrant beat for Life and Living!

The High Priestess Collection

The Bracelet- My stepping stones I don for Imperial Power.

The Goddess- I wear my “Gem” for Power and Beauty.

The Coin- I wear my coin as a potent majesty to empower me. My life compass helps keep me on course.


Hello Goddesses! Africa, a Quick Flashback- The dense grey color echoed in the creased hide of the baby elephant showering in Africa’s natural watering hole; the searing sun of Africa, with the crackled pattern of soil. These were some of the many exhilarating discoveries and adventures waiting for me as I set to escape reality. I was exuberant with child-like excitement, asking myself “What will I see? What will I discover when I arrive in South Africa?” The surrounding experience was filled with nature's unrivaled beauty and pleasurable encounters. The thrilling moments were unforgettable. The stark yet serene beauty, veiled in mists of the mornings and afternoon light, imbued me with precious memories of the Safari experience for the rest of my life!


It was a beautiful day. I arrived and stood on the steps of the hotel gazing out to the surrounding sights of Cape Town. After checking into the hotel with passports held in hand, “porters” dashed us to our rooms in an instant. At night, stars galore- not in the guestbook , but nighttime stars – twinkled and shined, capturing Cape Town’s vibrant beat, a jewel forever in my memory.


I awakened early, rushed out to be greeted with open air jeeps escorting us to the Safari Lodge. The silence was absolute, and the sky was azure blue! It was a landscape hidden away. The wooden gates opened to calmness, surrounding me with energy of the natural settings. Everything seemed unreal, with the cabin verandas standing out amongst the barren land. It was a place made for adventure, surrounding me with the authenticity of the land. Inside my cabin, a large window captured the changing sun throughout the day. White sheets donned the bed, a virtual silence gently soothed my senses. The harsh winds pushed the sounds of monkeys surrounding the corners of my cabin. This fleeting moment in time celebrated nature and humans.


The following morning, rushing to meet our safari guide, I joined fellow travelers in the early morning. An image outlined us, shrouded like ghosts in the early morning dawn. Our jeep traversed the rugged roads where the unfolding landscape of the “Big Five,” whose secret habitats were often hidden in the foliage. I felt incredibly lucky to capture the passing show with surprises of the lions and cubs, “here and there,” relaxing in their natural residences. Traveling in nature offered us a breathtaking view with the sounds of splashing water, nature's water hole retreats, filled with the sounds of elephants snorting as they filled their trunks playfully. Taking us to a place in time- a pause- in the midst of the noise.


In the evening a secret door opened to another world. The air cooled at night. Off we went in our jeeps, with tires roaring to a bass beat! The still night was a silky reflection, adding a thrill for adventure. We proceeded with the zigzags and curves revising the terrain with a wiser eye connecting us with Africa’s glorious colors of nature and beauty. We silently viewed the stalking lions, hunting at night frequently, pacing the man-made trails, leaving their footprints behind.


The common area at the Safari Lodge is shared space, just as important as the private cabins. Every morning, afternoon and evening we entered the living room to be greeted with lively conversation, fabulous food, and picturesque terraces. A perfect gathering place for all us fellow travelers to come together, joined in lively conversation. Sharing discoveries of the “Big Five” at the end of each day was our highlight for “Shared Spirit.”


Ndebele- The Art of Africa

What to Wear Where- The South African colors motifs are enhanced by natural light-- a unique paint composition derived from the Earth's soil. Each color is obtained by natural clay deposits. The Ndebele women traveled long distances, often walking as much as 100 miles to gather paints for their arts. The natural clay colors are obtained from deep red soil. The yellow okra, and hues of mixed soot come from barks nearby. The Ndebele artist’s and her imaginative spirit, The Art of Africa, became a tradition to celebrate life itself! This artistic endeavor provided an art form, decorating exterior walls of mud dwellings with bright abstract patterns to add Creativity and Spirit to their homes.


The Simplicity, the Scent, the Color and Sounds consciously connect my sensory escapades. The linchpin to my Art and Philosophy, I tap out of the frenzy pace of the professional to tap into another mode. I minimize outer distractions, so nothing interferes with my art form. Jewelry is my customized canvas.


One evening, I noticed the unique South African Ndebele- bead art, with glorious colors shining in full magnificence. I have uniquely combined the Art of Africa “Ndebele” with my High Priestess Bead Collections. The Ndebele- vibrant motifs with Black Diamonds seamlessly offer Beauty and Solitude to align “Universal Connection” for the wearer.


High Priestess North Star Meditation

Whenever your hands touch the Diamond Artisan Channels (Rondelles) exchange feelings and emotions- Activates meditation with heightened vibrational frequency.


The guiding North Star assists travelers, their root home with nurturing and protection. Unleash the power and restraints hidden within.

Place the palm of your right hand onto your left hand

Thumbs touching

Chant 11 times GURU DEV NAMO

Divine Blessings and Prosperity


Africa is the perfect Tribute-- “The best of yester-year.” Steeped in history, it will always be a refuge with nature’s sensuality to move forward with change and beauty. It is a natural landscape filled with Nostalgia, Edge of Spirit, with a Vibrant Beat for Life and Living!


Fun Salutations

Doctors Without Borders- Elephant Rescue for donations, Abercrombie & Kent for luxury travel, Fashion Women’s Coloring Book for stress relief- perfect for long flights, Jeep Tours for Safari adventures,

Wicker baskets for picnics, Martha Stewart’s Fine China and Jack Hanna for at home binging!

I Salute Gems & Jewels to the Goddess who wears her. Hear and live your inner Goddess with Glamour, Attitude & Spirit!


Author of Feng Shui Chic, Simon & Schuster


Carole Shashona

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