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The “Golden” Coin- I wear my “Golden” coin as a potent majesty to empower me. My “Golden” coin compass will keep me on course.

The Glamour-ist Soul Provider


Hello Goddesses! My life footprints are imprinted with rich experiences to guide the Glamour-ist for Wellness & Wellbeing. I am the Modern Master leading as you eagerly step forward to new directions and opportunities. “Let's Talk!” One of my favorite topics is shoes! Click your heels three times to walk the road and fulfill your dreams.


Every pair of shoes tells a story-- purposely structured with designer signature logos, color, fabrics and distinctive patterns to support the load, “you.” For your many functions, events and occasions you may choose to select the Princess heel or ballerina flats to nurture your soul while chanting my favorite Glamour-ist Stiletto Heals® mantra “The Higher the Heel, the Higher the Spirit!”


High Priestess- Walk your Talk

Before the Glamour-ist reaches for the stars, you will first need to place your feet firmly on the ground. If you are skittish wearing “Stiletto” heels, now is the perfect time for changing your outlook and choices. Opt for the wedge or platform designs. Your Glamour-ist shoes must enable you to shift, balance and “walk the walk.” To begin, place your thumbs forward, shoulders back. This will have you stand erect with your shoulders relaxed. Imagine the energy of light, shimmering upward in a straight line along your spine. This imaginary light will reach the top of your head to expand upward towards the sun! Your shoe soles embrace the radiant power so you feel nurtured, balanced and centered.


Repeat “I am” resonating from your foot soles, stepping forward in your daily life routines with renewed power, comfort, wisdom, and sexuality with your new heightened energy! As a New Yorker, the Glamour-ist must wear heels. Lower or higher heels will help you stand straighter, lengthening your stylish silhouette as you stand in front of the full length mirror, repeating “I am.”   This has me thinking- Are you mindfully following someone else’s lead, not your own? Let’s change Mindless to Mindful, to embrace the new Glamour-ist within to “Walk the Walk” with new goals in new directions.


My High Priestess Jewelry- Backstory: Past to Present

Here’s where my foot metaphor comes into play.   The Asian ideogram for the foot is the same word expressing virtue. With a firm footing both spiritually and physically, your soles will lift your Spirit to travel to new horizons.


Shoes are the Glamour-ist luxurious symbol-- your Fashionable accessory! Read my [Feng Shui Chic, 2003, p. 61] to uplift Protection and Wellbeing to your life. Until the early part of the 20th-century, the Asian women in the Imperial court had to have their feet bound and be carried everywhere. This was a sign for wealth, privilege, and royal status. Nature often dictated both Men and Women's natural height. Many shoe designers lifted your height with heels. From the 1930s shoes wore couturier labels. The Ferragamo designs were inspired by the Renaissance era, creating the infamous Chopine shoe. In the 1850s boots were the trending mode, retaining modesty for the exposing ankle, while the Glamour-ist wore her hoop skirts. In the era of 1870 the 2-inch couture shoes were born to coordinate with the fashionable couturier “Worth” gowns label. In the coming era of 1920-1960 began the shoe Liberation! The Glamour-ist loved their high heels displaying the tightened muscle of her calf, enhancing the look of her ankle. To date and currently, the Glamour-ist refers to her shoe selections with a nod and recognition for the famous designer labels, A.K.A. Blahnik, Louboutin, and Chanel. Current fashions offer you to “Talk the Talk” with trending designer names highlighted on sneakers, offering sole comfort.



[High Priestess What to Wear- Where] Shoe Salutations

The Glamour-ist will wear tight-fitting silhouettes, to appear smaller in size. Ill-fitting shoes will often influence your mood, not lifting your Spirit! For the Glamour-ist night out dancing, she always lifts her soul, dancing the night away with Spirit.

Shoe Sole

Soul Tip          

Jewel Juvenation Toning


Sneakers- Cushion the soul!


Help your workflow to uplift your energy when on your computer. I recommend wearing rubber sole shoes. This will help you feel more grounded amidst the electrical currents.


[Malachite Bracelet]

Strappy Heels


The Glamour-ist loves the strapped-in heel. The back of the foot is supported. These are perfect for career opportunities, nurturing your soul.

[Solar Star Earrings]

Stiletto Heel


Feeling low-esteem and blue? Lift your soul with higher heels! “The Higher the Heel the Higher the Spirit!”

[Soleil Earrings]


Ground yourself, walk on grass to nurture the Glamour-ist Mind, Body & Soul.

[Amethyst Bracelet]


Downward Dog “Yoga.” Don after yoga or exercise.

[Goddess Tyche Necklace]


Count blessings, not sheep, when you can't sleep.

[Free Spirit Love Goddess Bracelet]

Biker Boots


Travel the road Bravely with Courage.

[Passion Horn Necklace]



Perfect for relaxing.

[Inspire Sacred Eye Necklace]


Elevate to new heights.

[Visionary Eagle Necklace]


The Glamour-ist will “Lighten Up” the room wearing her crown with abundant energy. She struts with Style and Grace, always ready for her close-up! I invite you to “Walk the Walk” with Soul, Style and Glamour, Own Spirit. Feel like a Million!



Shoe Chatter

Tip- Don’t look back as you walk forward. Did you know? The first “Stiletto” shoe featured a metal tip upon the base of the spiked heel. Like a knife, the “Stiletto Heels” scratched and often chipped the floors because of these imprints, Stilettos were often banned from museums, exhibits, and restaurants.


Modern Master Fun Salutations!

Everything that just is:

Beauty & Belief in something greater--”Spirit!”

Begin by inhaling and exhaling- Three times

Place the palm of your right hand onto your left hand,

Thumbs touching

Chant eleven times:

“Guru Dev Namo”


Divine Blessings, intuitive power, and prosperity. Enjoy the benefits of Jewel Juvenation Toning. Bringing you the “Spirit” for Health and Wellness daily.

For more Meditations- Head to our [Jewel Juvenation Teachings]!


I Salute Gems & Jewels to the Goddess who wears her. Hear and live your inner Goddess with Glamour-ist, Attitude & Spirit!


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