The Hamptons- Invite to Joy



Invite to Joy

The High Priestess Collection
The Bracelet- My stepping stones I don for Imperial Power.
The Necklace- I wear my Amulet as a potent majesty to empower me.
The Coin- I wear my coin as a potent majesty to empower me. My life compass helps keep me on course.

Hello Goddesses! My favorite memories begin in the “Hamptons,” as I recall the sounds and colors while walking on the sidewalks of Main Street. The scents and sounds of the local beaches often amplify the glamorous vibe. There's no better place in the summer than in the Hamptons, with so many homes, restaurants and bistros to escape Manhattan's hectic pace. My private seaside sanctuary, Maison du Soleil, took numerous years to design, complimenting the beauty with vistas of the sea. The open windows captured the lush gardens and trees, filling each day with my family and friends to become traditions - spending time together, building bonfires, singing and sharing stories for our singular goals and dreams. For fun recipes I often took advantage of the fresh stands’ produce and artisanal fruit pies offered at the local farm stands that dot the towns’ highways. Many hours were spent talking and gossiping with the local farmers while searching for the perfect fruit or vegetable for cooking that night. It was so easy to eat healthy.

There are miles and miles of white sandy beaches to walk and meditate. When I reflect on this special time in my life, I have memories that have captured and inspired many of my current Jewelry Collections. I adore combining both Bobo and Spirit jewelry to be a great reminder for the Goddess - Treat your body with love to embrace life with Passion and Glamour! After all, memories are your “Golden Jewels.”

What to Wear, Where- Casual style in the Hamptons means Elegant, donning gorgeous bathing suits to compliment each hand painted European sarong. Wearing light summer dresses, eco friendly of course, in colorful fabrics and muted floral tones combined with lovely jeweled sandals. Let go of the rules, it's summer!

High Five- Ocean Style:
⦁ Capture the Bridget Bardot style! Wear ⦁ Black Diamond Earrings with heels, shorts and a white shirt.
K. Rosengart- Super cool, wear big and bold statement pieces!

⦁ Swing and sway the night away. Ivory with black lace- Wear with a ⦁ Tassel Necklace.
K. Rosengart- Chunky top- mix metals, the more diamonds the better!

⦁ Catch the movement- Be a little daring wearing a ⦁ Goddess bracelet with animal prints.
K. Rosengart- Touches of color bring a subtle pop to these timeless pieces.

⦁ Casual Date- Add a scarf around your neck- Pair with⦁ stud earrings. As the date goes on, remove the scarf- my Black Diamond studs will add a glow to highlight your face indefinitely.
K. Rosengart- Bold stones, make a statement, break old fashion rules!

⦁ Red Stilettos- Your fashion dash! My ⦁ Protector Eye Necklace shows you are extraordinarily Chic and Protected.
K. Rosengart- Delicate, subtle and classic is the name of the game!

The High Priestess Guidance
Set your tone- Heal and Energize. Meditate.
My signature coin is your quick reminder to breathe. Individually set diamond rondelles to chant your Mantra-- The Goddess must meditate with diamonds to:
⦁ Be Still
⦁ Be Strong
⦁ Be Calm

The High Priestess Ritual- Phase 1
⦁ Breath work to build vitality and intuition. Breathe in and out, to feel acceptance. Push through fear.
⦁ Smell the scent for happiness: The earth, ocean, sun and mountains offer Peace and Serenity.

The Goddess ritual - To know Goddess Power is to know realness to stand with Humbleness. Recognize and accept who you really are, your needs and to set boundaries. Taking care of yourself is loving yourself.
I welcome you to High Priestess Guidance. Attain all possibilities!

Sun Salutations for the Goddess Relocation!
Great teams to work with in NYC/Hamptons- Richard Steinberg at Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Orange County- John Stanaland & The Stanaland Team, Patrick Stewart, Palm Springs and Los Angeles- Michael Cautillo. For Travel- The Hampton Jitney- NY to the Hamptons/Hamptons to NY. For the Foodie, Eli Zabar E.A.T. goodies to munch! A must read- The Hampton Magazine. Credit to K. Rosengart from “4 Fine Jewelry Trends for 2021”.

I Salute Gems & Jewels to the Goddess who wears her. Hear and live your inner Goddess with Glamour, Attitude & Spirit!

Author of Feng Shui Chic, Simon & Schuster
Carole Shashona

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