The Little Black Dress—New York Fashion Style



The Glamour, the Glitz, the adventuresome Spirit.

One of the most famous New York restaurants resides in the legendary Plaza Hotel. The Palm Court honors the mischievous and delightful escapades with the frolicking stories for the legendary “Eloise”—at tea time.


Above the landmark restaurant are the grandiose hotel suites, with elegant rooms adorned with elaborately festooned windows and inviting views of the Manhattan city streets below. The Plaza Hotel sits in the center of the New York life, perfectly posed for accessibility to the city's trendiest restaurants and nightclubs. One can imagine the parties, banquets for the “Royal” families, financiers and actors who have stayed here. Resplendent with ceilings of high columns and imported marble floors to grace the grand entrance, the Plaza Hotel captures the heart of New York - the Glamour, the Glitz, the adventuresome Spirit, the New Yorker approach to fashion.


New York Style

The traffic and noise of the doorman whistle, herald taxis and chauffeured limousines to drive their fashionable occupants to shop and dine in the most glamorous restaurants on Madison Avenue. The New Yorker woman knows her appearance is complete when jewelry is selected and corresponds with dress, prevailing pants and the silhouette she has chosen. With texture and color noted and addressed-- she is donned and ready to be seated for the afternoon lunch in the luxurious Grenouille or Le Cirque restaurants, often tiered with the crowning title for “Ladies that Lunch.” From Jetsetters, Suburbanites and Manhattanites meet to join together and lunch with friends, often seen checking to see if they are “in” the latest gossip column, Page 6. Marigolds or Woods restaurants are the perfect locations to meet while the next generation of New Yorkers attend private schools, with nannies to pick them up. Often strolling the streets of Madison Avenue to shop, the Manhattanite is the “Woman of Style,'' with fundamental skills that generates from generation to generation, from peer to peer.


Often seated upon the festooned sofas and chairs in the luxurious salons of designers Armani, Valentino, and Versace, the New Yorker patron is the center stone, independent with fashionable sensual style setting the dates for her next fitting and events with her carefree smile to staff. The everyday exotic treasures become the most fashionable “new look.” Stones explode with light and color, for jewelry has become the art for Haute Couture to select with this fashionably elite crowd. The cabochon emeralds resemble pastilles- Morganite, Aquamarine has become the “in” jewelry to wear. Alchemy has turned lead to gold or silver. The necklaces replace pearls to strands of colored stones of Corals and Emeralds— the main feature with lots of jet-stones and black diamonds to illuminate your face with both wit and charm. These memorable moments have influenced my current jewelry designs, from across the Atlantic and the past- from the 80’s to the present. My fashion mantra is “Dress Down, Jewel Up—Nothing is more elegant than the little black dress worn with a sparkling stone necklace, for your eponymous New Yorker style.



The Great Escape- In Covid Times

New York to the Hamptons and the--join me in Palm Beach! The truth to the New York style, many fashionable New Yorkers are more glamorous than ever- escaping to their Hamptons oceanfront mansions. The Palm Beach arcades with waterfront homes have downsized from large gatherings to small groups- to front porch patio entertaining at home. During this explosive Covid time, and over the past few months many new arrivals try to find the window-- the most magical time to drive their families to the East Hampton airport to “jet fly” to Florida.


There's a synergy, a beat that recalls the image of New York style. “New York- New York” echoes the refrain and the very soul for this grand and gracious city. Picture Frank Sinatra’s style dressed in trousers and white shirt with the trench coat over his right shoulder and fedora, entering the darkened stage with the illuminating light to cast and halo his body’s profile. He then steps forward upon the stage- to puff on a cigarette and sip a glass of wine. We applaud to welcome this extraordinary singer, as he begins with his famous ballad “Start Spreading the News.” Let us now join with the “Chairman,” and sing together—lift our voices and our hearts in tribute to this most memorable city New York City—together we can-“Come through, New York- New York!” Da da da do!


Hear and Live your inner Goddess with Glamour and Sacredness. I salute-- Gems & Jewels to the Goddess who wears her.

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