The Moors, the Pirates- The Romance



Moorish delights and the elaborate charm of Lisbon.

Attention grabbing Moorish Castles embrace the city with whimsical Baroque architecture. Lisbon ramps up the quest for cultural Arts—where Warhol, Man Ray and Picasso hang out with the seated sculptures of Henry Moore as I discovered when I entered the infamous Berardo Museum.


Vintage trams scuttle the city's vertical hilltops with a vivid display of colors of yellow set against the turquoise salty sea, thrusting and bellowing below. Here I am sitting upon the soft cushions, of the Hotel Veranda, sighting the vibrant garden below. The thrilling counterparts of bustling boutiques, galleries and cafes blend the modern mayhem with the elaborate charm of the “city”.


The cascades of arches and limestone walls lure you to explore the social past, awakening the Bohemian Spirit-- Lisbon lives on!


The alleyways twist and curve with head spinning views filled with cultural delights- a voluptuous woman entering the dress circle of the theatre with dramatic spheres and chapels clustered to be explored. The sinuous cobblestone walkways meet Portuguese mosaic blue azulejos. As I climb up the stairs to the Chapel, the gold glistens upon the marble walls, mirroring the beauty and silence held within the arched ceilings.


What to Wear Where- Surfs up! I run from the shorelines waterfront to the hotel to refresh and regroup from site seeing. It’s time to head back to the hotel. As I enter, I see tall ladders with artists upon them- balancing like acrobats on stilts to festoon the chandeliers with orchids and flowers. Magic is in the air with numerous artists, swagging the ceiling with luscious colors of flowers—a very visionary experience! I run over to them as I compliment these flower dancers. I have enclosed a photograph for you to experience the beauty of this moment.


Then, as I dash upstairs via the elevator to our room as I have longed for a quick nap to be refreshed and ready to reenter the fabled Lisbon nightlife. I’m scheduled to leave at 10 pm. I stare at myself in the mirror to tone up with Jewel Juvenation- a perfect time to uplift and sculpt my face to embellish with touchstone earrings and necklaces. Remember to check out my décolleté, Jewel Juvenation pick up.


I lay out my turquoise earrings on the bureau as my desire is to wear complimentary jewelry to coordinate with the restaurant's all white interior. The traditional red rooftop decor with elongated window views of the sea is a perfect setting to wear my turquoise earrings, of course. These luxurious colors will have me soaring with delight on my culinary adventure of seafood. Oh, I forgot to mention, I have enjoyed tapas and wine with friends before dining!


Many Lisbon streets live a “double life” like us-- the streets tempo of the Barrie Alto district changes from Dress Down daytime, to a rhythmic pulsing liveliness-- Jewel Up nightlife! I embrace the experience and adventures of Lisbon. I salute-- Gems & Jewels to the Goddess who wears her.


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