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Celebrate the Goddess Within

Pablo Picasso simply stated, “Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life”. A significant part of my heart & passion is to create a juxtaposition for cultural art, via my jewelry designs. The title for this story is very significant as the “Goddess Secrets” concept will take us, traveling back to a time when the belief of the Goddess is recognized as court culture. Often the Goddess is celebrated and conveyed as a person of power and royalty, wearing jewelry as a social identity.


The necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are specifically worn to enhance inner confidence, wealth & stability. Precious stones set within designs identify power, creating awe from admirers. Jewelry then as now is worn as a personal “power suit”, or armor and what I call your vestment for courage. Jewelry is a protective talisman to create status, empowering each Goddess wearer.


As a child, I read the fairytale Cinderella as many children do. This story triggered little girls’ dreams that her prince will come holding a glass slipper that she will gently slide into-- and after, a chariot will carry her away with her prince, adorned with a jeweled tiara to live happily ever after.


Today’s story is updated from the infamous glass slipper to the infamous Stiletto Heal®. I will share with you when I met Louboutin. Christian’s story of creating the legendary red stiletto heel began in Paris. He expressed, the women of the night walked the streets in the lesser neighborhoods where the butcher’s blood ran through the cobblestone streets, seeping into the soles of the girls’ shoes. Thereby, identifying the Goddess of the night by wearing the red soles.


Today, I wish to encourage Goddess metamorphosis to celebrate the spirit that resides within us all. The Goddess is where jewelry is connected with personal movement and expression. Where the ordinary person is ignited with spiritual meaning to embrace intention & become extraordinary by donning jewelry! The color of the stones worn is closely nuzzled to your skin, creating a conversation with your body and a silent language of Goddess enhancement to the world!


I have uniquely created the “Naked Goddess” persona, purposely developed to bring you Wellness and Wellbeing, wearing touchstones for positive mindfulness. The Naked Goddess celebrates the Goddess within each one of us, connecting heart and mind and leading you to live a prosperous and wellbeing life.




The Mantra; I am a Goddess.

The Coin; I wear my coin as a potent majesty to empower me.

The Stones; I don are Imperial Power.


The Earrings you wear halo your face-- The Necklaces will elongate the neck. The Ring you wear will express your silent language, via gestures calling attention to your outer expression. Your Goddess body, will provoke and identify the inner Goddess through proactive enhancement through adornment.


Each bracelet I design, consists of a center bead, which is symbolic. There are two triggers (energy enhancers) specifically placed on each side of the center bead. The gold or silver rondelles are spacers which is a quick reminder to take a breath. The artisan crafted coin is a symbol of protection. Just as each person is a unique jewel to the world, each bracelet I have designed have natural variances, reminding you to celebrate the Dancer, embracing the fruit of Wisdom, Nature & Beauty. I salute-- Gems & Jewels to the Goddess who wears her.


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