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Feng Shui Chic: The Harmony Zone


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WindWater Home Sanctuary

Hello Beautiful! Often, we surround ourselves with labels so we can be approved for our style and selections. I find it essential for you to create internal balance within yourself and your home, bridging internal and external to flow together in harmony. To do so, many people need to provide themselves with both facets of self to fuse the professional and personal traits and personalities.


Your home during the day should support the variations of both your personal and professional self. It's very common for many people to allow design to dictate what they do, instead of expressing who they are to "Own your Power.”


I am a GrandMaster in the Art of Feng Shui, a 6,000-year-old science to lead a harmonious lifestyle. Each room has a function and each room gives you a chance to express “U.”   It will also have you think about what matters to you and what will connect you to your very own personal sanctuary.


Can the position of furniture in your living room bring harmony to your family? Can the color of your office attract new business? Will the placement of your bed bring a good marriage? The Fourth Century Asian art of Feng Shui says "Yes!"


The WindWater Moderne Philosophy

Currently, the “hot” trend for interior design is my WindWater program for Home and Fashion, offering accessories with the alignment of color to enhance nature's positive energy flow.


I say, “When the environmental energy is balanced, you will enjoy good health, happiness, and fortune.” This therapy for energy will create a positive atmosphere in your home and fashion style.


The WindWater concept may be confusing at first, but haven't you entered rooms where you felt so secure, so comfortable you never wanted to leave? What about rooms you couldn't wait to leave? How often have you wondered why businesses at a particular location continually fail? Many Feng Shui experts propose that the general discomfort of a house or a business encroaches on the psyche, generating major negativity. Hence, bad luck in a home, lack of success in a business.


The entrance of the home or office should be well lit and welcoming, encouraging the energy to flow smoothly. If the entrance is directly opposite the back door, the energy enters and leaves too quickly, making your entrance door open to the “brick wall” syndrome in your life. The size is important and should be in proportion to the room size. Small doors diminish the chances of health. Doors that are too large allow negativity in and won't hold onto or accumulate any savings. A simple remedy is to paint the foyer a deep color of brown, green, or blue to balance the door. Also, placing a beautiful, large urn to hold umbrellas near the door will help balance energy.


Today I have developed the WindWater program as the Moderne Feng Shui to enhance everyday living. Your home's bathrooms have come a long way from utilitarian spaces. Today’s bathroom must serve as your Home Spa Sanctuary! Here are a few styles to help you fine-tune your very own creative inspirations.


The WindWater [Home Spa]- Country

  • Gentle colors to add the feeling of space are essential.
  • Fixtures: Old bathtubs and basins can be refurbished; choose simple fittings.
  • Cabinets: Use sealed and natural old wood.
  • Windows: Add muslin curtains to flutter in the breeze.
  • Floors: For old wood, add a rag rug.
  • Walls: Enhance walls that are papered prettily with glossy white woodwork or stipple finish the wood. Hang framed prints of birds and wildflowers.
  • Lighting:Use period ceiling fans and fixtures
  • Dressing table: Cover the surface with muslin. Display the WindWater Luxury Redefined Posh Jewelry collection in Earth-[Tigers Eye] gems. Add an old wood-backed chair with a patterned upholstered seat or a stool.
  • Ambiance: Fill jugs with wildflowers; display jars and bottles on a decorative laundry bin oron a free-standing cabinet; add dozens of fragrant soap bars in a basket.
  • Scent: Green Note, Chypre
  • Ancient Guardian: [Turtle]


WindWater Home Spa- Sophisticated

  • Expanses of marble and mirrors are your sophisticated hallmarks.
  • Fixtures: Bath fittings with shining chrome or gold.
  • Cabinets: Built-in.
  • Floors: Cover in stone or designer carpet to match and complement the bedroom color and ambiance. Coconut floor matting, sisal or Berber make wonderful neutral flooring accents.
  • Walls: Line with dark shining tiles or marble or granite, allowing the ceiling lights to reflect natural beauty. Non-endangered woodwork can be used, such as rift oak and mahogany. Just as elegant are high-enameled finishes in deep colors.
  • Lighting: Recessed.
  • Dressing table: Lacquered high gloss Parson table with makeup mirror and built-in lighting, sconces on a dimmer can be added.
  • WindWater Luxury Redefined Posh Jewelry in [black onyx] and [white camel] bone with sculptures add drama, especially when spotted by the ceiling's concealed lights.
  • Ambiance: comfortable level of heat and humidity are essential to obliterate the chill of marble and keep the mirror free of mist. Drape towels on a free-standing heated valet or pile upon an antique trunk.
  • Scent: Oriental, Fougere
  • Ancient Guardian: [Dragon]





WindWater Glamourous Spa

  • Fixtures: The bathtub should be large, egg shaped, or sunken. The Water element should pour from a gilded dolphin or “waterfalls” that will cascade from the walls of stone or mirror.
  • Windows: Motorized shades & drapes
  • Floors: The floor finish and surrounding area is natural stone/marble or granite
  • Walls: Pad with silk in subtle colors so the look and sound are soft. Add beveled mirrors and a French pastel drawing in a chrome frame.
  • Lighting: Add strip lighting to the sides of the dressing table mirror.
  • Dressing table: Display WindWater Luxury Redefined Posh Jewelry [pearls] on a lucite vanity. Silk-padded French chair with a white fox throw. Finishing touches include signed photos in silver frames.
  • Ambiance: Soft dim lighting with towels unbelievably large, in soft colors, and monogrammed, of course.
  • Scent: Floral
  • Ancient Guardian: [Buddha]


WindWater Victorian Spa

  • Fixtures: Bathtubs are footed
  • Windows: Battenburg lace shades and valances.
  • Floors: Mosaic tile.
  • Walls: Tiled/patterned wallpaper
  • Lighting: Shaded sconces, accented with numerous knick-knacks. Display favorite scents in tired glass bottles. For a whimsical touch, create a patterned tin ceiling painted with a white wash.
  • Dressing Table: Mirror and wood with a dash of lucite boxes tiered to hold the WindWater Luxury Redefined Posh Jewelry [amethyst].
  • Scent: Spicy
  • Ancient Guardian: [Dolphin]


Today's Spa Sanctuary will reflect your luxurious style. Why not add built-in lounges to relax, enjoying the sounds and scents of nature’s changing moods with color! With a wine glass in hand, I Salute the Gems & Jewels to the Goddess. Hear and live your inner Spirit with Glamour, Posh Culture & Spirit!


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