High Priestess Touchstone Guidance

Carole Shashona is the creator of Slow Living & Style, an effective way to awaken the present moment with her High Priestess jewelry designs. Carole’s approach focuses on the art of being- spirit, mind & body helping you discover your inner beauty & serenity.


Nature's Touchstones have inspired philosophers, mystics and poets who attributed unique powers to these special mineralsof natural color and energyto Protect, Guide and Inspire.


There is magic in you. Whenever you trust your intuition, true guidance shows up to support personal journey of self discovery. Carole Shashona jewelry is designed to Wear&Uplift your Energy with purpose and mood to enhance Prosperity and Love.


Wear your Touchstone as an amulet to create a vibrational influence inyour body and Third Eye Chakra. Carry your Touchstone in your bag, hold it in your handto meditate or place on Chakra points to help relax and unwind.


High Priestess Invite- The Paintbox Color U Energy®.Explore the vibrant explosions of colors to choose from and enjoy life's journey with spiritual guidance.